Diet Overlap

Ictidomys tridecemlineatus (thirteen-lined ground squirrel)
Puma concolor (Cougar)

Common Diet

Sylvilagus floridanus (Eastern Cottontail)

Common Habitat

Arizona Mountains forests
Canadian Aspen forests and parklands
Central and Southern mixed grasslands
Central forest-grasslands transition
Colorado Plateau shrublands
Colorado Rockies forests
Devils Tower National Monument
Dinosaur National Monument
East Central Texas forests
Edwards Plateau savanna
El Morro National Monument
Grasslands National Park
Lake Meredith National Recreation Area
Mid-Continental Canadian forests
Montana Valley and Foothill grasslands
Nebraska Sand Hills mixed grasslands
North America
North Central Rockies forests
Northern mixed grasslands
Northern short grasslands
Prince Albert National Park
Redberry Lake Biosphere Reserve
Riding Mountain Biosphere Reserve
South Central Rockies forests
Texas blackland prairies
Wasatch and Uinta montane forests
Waterton Biosphere Reserve
Western Gulf Coastal grasslands
Western short grasslands
Wyoming Basin shrub steppe