Land Use Data for Latitude 35.75 Longitude -82.25

Area size: .5 degrees latitude by .5 degrees longitude


Mount Mitchell State Park

Agricultural Land Uses

Urban land


Temperate humid




Cereals and cereal products
Oil-bearing crops

Growing Period (days)

240 to 269
270 to 299

Soil Types



Plain or plateau
Mountain 800-1500 m, slope > 5%

Slopes (degrees)

0.5 to 2
2 to 5
5 to 8
8 to 16
16 to 30
30 to 45

Population Density (persons per km2)

2 to 10
10 to 50
50 to 250
above 250

Infant mortality (per 1000 live births)

5 to 10

Mineral Extraction

Site Name (Type)Minerals
211 Quarry (Surface)Stone, Crushed/Broken
226 Quarry (Surface)Stone, Crushed/Broken
Armstrong CreekTitanium, Metal, Iron
Bald CreekIron, Titanium, Metal
Banks Pit (Surface)Sand and Gravel, Construction
Bear Creek (Processing Plant)Mica
Bear Creek Gravel Pit (Surface)Sand and Gravel, Construction
Bear Creek Quarry (Surface)Stone, Crushed/Broken
Bee Tree Pit (Surface)Stone, Crushed/Broken
Biddix Prospect (Surface)Copper
Bill Autrey MineMica
Black Mountain Prospect (Surface-Underground)Lead, Copper
BuckridgeIron, Titanium, Metal
Buna Mine (Surface)Feldspar
Burnette Quarry (Surface)Stone, Crushed/Broken
Burnsville Pit (Surface)Sand and Gravel, Construction
Cane CreekZirconium, Thorium, Gold, Titanium, Metal
Cane RiverTitanium, Metal, Iron
Cane River Mine (Surface)Sand and Gravel, Construction
Cannon Pit (Surface)Sand and Gravel, Construction
Carson Rock MineMica
Cas Thomas Asbestos ProspectAsbestos
Chalk Mountain Mine (Surface)Feldspar, Mica
Clear Creek MineMica
Clear Creek Ridge MineFeldspar, Mica
Crabtree CreekTitanium, Metal, Iron
Day Book Olivine DepositOlivine, Talc-Soapstone, Chromium
Daybook (Surface)Magnesite
Deake MineNiobium (Columbium), Tantalum, Mica, Feldspar
Deer Park Quarry (Surface)Stone, Crushed/Broken
Democrat Olivine DepositFeldspar, Nickel, Olivine, Chromium, Platinum, Palladium, Talc-Soapstone, Rhodium
Deneen Mica Mill (Processing Plant)Mica
Dillingham Number 1 Pit (Surface)Sand and Gravel, Construction
Feldspar Corp Mill/Spruce Pine, Nc (Processing Plant)Feldspar
Flack MineMica
Greasy CreekTitanium, Metal, Iron
Greenlee Pit Number 2 (Surface)Sand and Gravel, Construction
Greenlee Pit Number 3 (Surface)Sand and Gravel, Construction
Grove Mine (Surface)Sand and Gravel, Construction
Hawkins Mine (Surface)Feldspar, Mica
Hawkins Mine (Surface)Sand and Gravel, Construction
Hicks Mine (Surface)Mica
Hippy MineAsbestos
Holcombe Branch Chromite Prospect (Placer)Chromium, Iron
Hollifield Quarry (Surface)Stone
Horace Phillips ProspectMica
House Rock ProspectMica
Huskins ProspectMica
Imc Daybook Olivine Plant (Processing Plant)Magnesite
Imc Kona Mill/ Spruce Pine, N.C. (Processing Plant)Feldspar
Imc Olivine Plant #2/Green Mtn, Nc (Processing Plant)Magnesite
Imc Plant #2 (Processing Plant)Feldspar
IngallsTitanium, Metal, Iron
Ivy Creek No. 2Titanium, Metal, Iron
Joe Young ProspectMica
Josh Young MineMica
Klondike ProspectMica
Kona Black Quarry (Surface)Granite
Lawson-United Mill (Processing Plant)Feldspar, Mica
Ledford's Mines (Surface)Mica
Ledger Prospect (Surface)Clay
Marion Pit (Surface)Sand and Gravel, Construction
Mcdaniel MineMica
Mica ProspectMica
Miller Pit and Plant (Surface)Stone, Crushed/Broken
Mine ForkIron, Titanium, Metal
Newdale Asbestos MineAsbestos
Newdale Olivine DepositOlivine, Asbestos, Chromium
Newdale Olivine Mine (Surface)Magnesite
Normon ProspectClay, Feldspar
Northrop Mine (Surface)Sand and Gravel, Construction
Old Fort Pit (Surface)Sand and Gravel, Construction
PenlandTitanium, Metal, Iron
Pensacola Fox Pit & Plant (Surface)Stone, Crushed/Broken
Pensacola Yancey Pit (Surface)Sand and Gravel, Construction
Pete Dale Pit (Surface)Sand and Gravel, Construction
Phillips Pit (Surface)Sand and Gravel, Construction
Pink MineNiobium (Columbium), Tantalum, Mica, Feldspar
Pitman Property (Surface)Feldspar, Vermiculite
Possum Trot CreekTitanium, Metal, Iron
RamseytownTitanium, Metal, Iron
Randolph MineNiobium (Columbium), Tantalum, Mica, Feldspar
Rob Deyton MineMica
Robinson Jr. ProspectMica
Sawnee Hill MineMica
Silvers MineMica
Silvers Ridge MineMica, Feldspar
South Toe Mine (Surface)Sand and Gravel, Construction
Spruce Pine (Processing Plant)Mica
Spruce Pine DistrictKaolin, Tantalum, Feldspar, Mica, Beryllium, Niobium (Columbium)
Spruce Pine Grinding Mill (Processing Plant)Mica
Spruce Pine Mill #2 Feldspar Corp (Processing Plant)Feldspar
Swannanoa RiverTitanium, Metal, Thorium, Iron
Vermiculite ProspectVermiculite
Weld ProspectMica
Wiseman MineFeldspar, Niobium (Columbium), Tantalum, Mica
Wiseman Mine (Surface)Feldspar
Wiseman-Sullins Quarry (Surface)Stone, Crushed/Broken
Yancey County Quarry (Surface)Stone, Crushed/Broken

Agricultural use data provided by LADA, 2008. "Mapping Land Use Systems at global and regional scales for Land Degradation Assessment Analysis. Version 1.0" Nachtergaele F. & Petri M.
Mineral extraction data provided by USGS Mineral Resources Data System (MRDS), downloaded June 2, 2010.