Van Vihar National Park

Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, India


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Note: The species data listed below are what the institution has chosen to report.


Aves (birds)
Accipiter striatus chinogaster (Sharp-shinned Hawk)
Mammalia (mammals)
Antilope cervicapra (blackbuck)
Hyaena hyaena hyaena (Striped Hyena)
Melursus ursinus (Sloth Bear)
Panthera leo persica (Lion)
Panthera pardus leopardus (Leopard)
Panthera tigris tigris (Tiger) (Endangered)
Crocodylus (crocodiles)
Gazella (gazelles)
Melursus (sloth bear)
Reptilia (reptiles)
Lissemys punctata punctata (Indian Flap-shelled Turtle)
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Institution information provided by International Species Information System - May 2011