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Note: The species data listed below are what the institution has chosen to report.


Aves (birds)
Bubo virginianus (Great Horned Owl)
Bubo virginianus virginianus (Great Horned Owl)
Buteo jamaicensis borealis (Red-tailed Hawk)
Cathartes aura (Turkey Vulture)
Coragyps atratus (Black Vulture)
Haliaeetus leucocephalus (Bald Eagle)
Megascops asio (Eastern Screech-Owl)
Mammalia (mammals)
Canis lupus rufus (Red Wolf) (Critically Endangered)
Capra hircus (domestic goat)
Equus caballus (horse)
Lontra canadensis (northern river otter)
Lynx rufus (Bobcat)
Lynx rufus floridanus (Bobcat)
Mephitis mephitis (Striped Skunk)
Odocoileus virginianus (white-tailed deer)
Ovis aries orientalis (mouflon)
Puma concolor (Cougar)
Sus scrofa (wild boar)
Sylvilagus floridanus (Eastern Cottontail)
Urocyon cinereoargenteus (Gray Fox)
Ursus americanus luteolus (black bear)
Reptilia (reptiles)
Alligator mississippiensis (Alligator, Gator, American alligator, Florida alligator, Mississippi alligator, Louisiana alligator.)
Chelydra serpentina serpentina (Common Snapping Turtle)
Crotalus adamanteus (Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnake)
Drymarchon margaritae couperi (Indigo Snake)
Gopherus polyphemus ((Florida) Gopher Tortoise)
Pantherophis alleghaniensis spiloides (Eastern Rat Snake)
Trachemys callirostris chichiriviche elegans (Pond Slider, scripta)
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Institution information provided by International Species Information System - May 2011