Parco Zoo Punta Verde

Lignano Sabbiadoro, Udine, Italy
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Note: The species data listed below are what the institution has chosen to report.


Trionyx (African softshell turtles and softshell turtles)
Reptilia (reptiles)
Basiliscus plumifrons (Green Basiisk)
Boa constrictor constrictor (Boa Constrictor)
Chamaeleo calyptratus (Veiled Chameleon)
Emys orbicularis (European Pond turtle)
Eunectes notaeus (Yellow Anaconda)
Iguana iguana (Common Green Iguana)
Osteolaemus tetraspis (Dwarf crocodile, West African dwarf crocodile, Broad-nosed crocodile)
Testudo hermanni (Hermann’s Tortoise)
Uromastyx acanthinura (North African Spiny-tailed Lizard)
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Institution information provided by International Species Information System - May 2011