Adelaide and Mary River Floodplains IBA

Area:663,925 acres (268,681 hectares)
IBA Criteria:A1, A2, A3, A4i
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Köppen climate classification:Aw (Climate: equatorial; Precipitation: winter dry)


Name IBA Criteria  Website 
Anseranas semipalmata (Magpie-Goose)A4i
Burhinus grallarius (Bush Stone-curlew)A1
Calidris acuminata (Sharp-tailed Sandpiper)A4i
Certhionyx pectoralis (Banded Honeyeater)A3
Dendrocygna arcuata (Wandering Whistling Duck)A4i
Egretta picata (Pied Heron)A4i
Lichenostomus flavescens (Yellow-tinted Honeyeater)A3
Lichenostomus unicolor (White-gaped Honeyeater)A3
Numenius madagascariensis (Far Eastern Curlew)A4i
Numenius minutus (Little Curlew)A4i
Philemon argenticeps (Silver-crowned Friarbird)A3
Pitta iris (Rainbow Pitta)A2, A3
Poecilodryas superciliosa (White-browed Robin)A3
Poephila acuticauda (Long-tailed Finch)A3
Poephila personata (Masked Finch)A3
Psitteuteles versicolor (Varied Lorikeet)A3
Ramsayornis fasciatus (Bar-breasted Honeyeater)A3
Recurvirostra novaehollandiae (Red-necked Avocet)A4i
Zosterops luteus (Canary White-eye)A3

Important Bird Area provided by BirdLife International (2010) Important Bird Areas. Downloaded from on 29/12/2010
Köppen climate classification provided by Kottek, M., J. Grieser, C. Beck, B. Rudolf, and F. Rubel, 2006: World Map of Köppen-Geiger Climate Classification updated. Meteorol. Z., 15, 259-263