'Grosses Moos' plain and Niederried reservoir IBA

Area:41,081 acres (16,625 hectares)
IBA Criteria:A4i, B1i, B2, B3
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Köppen climate classification:Cfb (Climate: warm temperate; Precipitation: fully humid; Temperature: warm summer)
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Name IBA Criteria  Website 
Anas strepera (Gadwall)A4i, B1i
Milvus migrans (Black Kite)B2
Milvus milvus (Red Kite)B3
Picus canus (Grey-headed Woodpecker)B2

Important Bird Area provided by BirdLife International (2010) Important Bird Areas. Downloaded from http://www.birdlife.org on 29/12/2010
Köppen climate classification provided by Kottek, M., J. Grieser, C. Beck, B. Rudolf, and F. Rubel, 2006: World Map of Köppen-Geiger Climate Classification updated. Meteorol. Z., 15, 259-263