Naracoorte woodlands

WWF Abstract

Stretching along the coast from Victoria to Adelaide, this ecoregion has a long pioneer past, with settlement dating from the 1840s. As a result, much of the vegetation has been cleared for agriculture. The climate is cool and moist, with most rain falling in the winter. Eucalyptus trees include the swamp gum--a small tree with smooth, gray or pinkish-gray bark--and the river red gum--a tall tree with spreading branches, normally found along watercourses. This area remains rich in wildlife, from water birds in the swamps and lagoons to possums, gliders, and other small marsupials.
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Biome:Mediterranean Forests, Woodlands, and Scrub
Area:6,783,999 acres (2,745,387 hectares)
Species:All  Endangered  Invasive
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