Lake Chad flooded savanna

WWF Abstract

Lake Chad is remarkable in many respects. For one thing, it's situated on the edge of the Sahara Desert, providing a vital source of water to human and wildlife communities alike. It's also changed dramatically in size over the years; once measuring as large as 9,700 square miles (25,000 sq. km), it has also been as small as 965 square miles (2,500 sq km) during this century. The lake is freshwater, despite evaporation rates that are four times as high as rainfall in the region. And it's extremely shallow--rarely more than 23 feet (7 m) deep. The lake supports a growing human population as well as millions of birds and a number of mammals, reptiles, and amphibians.
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Biome:Flooded Grasslands and Savannas
Countries:Nigeria, Chad, Niger
Area:4,671,999 acres (1,890,691 hectares)
Species:All  Endangered  Invasive
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