Sayan montane conifer forests

WWF Abstract

Imagine life as a golden eagle or peregrine falcon, soaring high above the Sayan forests of Russian Siberia. That might give you a sense of what life is like in these coniferous forests, also called taiga forests. The Sayan Montane Conifer Forests ecoregion includes the mid-elevation zone of the Altai-Sayan mountain range, which is the tallest mountain system in Siberia. These forests have high biodiversity because they are a transitional zone for vegetation, including plants from two types of habitat. This is where Siberian taiga and Mongolian steppe meet.
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Biome:Temperate Coniferous Forests
Countries:Mongolia, Russia
Area:88,319,998 acres (35,741,835 hectares)
Species:All  Endangered  Invasive
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