North Saharan steppe and woodlands

WWF Abstract

Not many ecoregions span a continent, but this one does. You can begin a journey in Western Sahara and end in Egypt and still be in the North Saharan Steppe and Woodlands ecoregion. This ecoregion forms an arc along the northern limits of the great Sahara Desert, intervening between the desert and two bodies of water: the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. Here sparse vegetation is scattered across the landscape, which receives only 4 to 10 inches (100-250 mm) of rain each year. This region is strongly seasonal, with winter rains bringing many plant species into bloom, including rimth, a small bush that is a favorite food of passing camels.
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Biome:Deserts and Xeric Shrublands
Countries:Egypt, Libya, Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco, Western Sahara, Mauritania
Area:413,951,997 acres (167,520,430 hectares)
Species:All  Endangered  Invasive
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