Barents Sea Drainages

WWF Abstract

This ecoregion includes river drainages and lakes of the White Sea, Barents Sea, and the western part of the Kara [Karskoye] Sea from the Kola Peninsula (including lakes Iesjav’ri and Inarijarvi in Norway and Finland) in the northwest to the Kara River in the east. The ecoregion also includes the islands of Svalbard, Vaigach [Vaygach], Kolguyev, Novaya Zemlya, and Franz Josef Land archepelago. The eastern border runs along the main ridge of the Ural Mountains [Ural’skiye Gory] south to about 62º N latitude. The southeastern part of the ecoregion includes the headwaters up to the Severnyye Uvaly Hills. In the southwest, the ecoregion includes headwaters of the Kubena and Sukhona rivers (with lakes Lacha, Vozhe, and Kubenskoye) that are tributaries to the Severnaya [Northern] Dvina River. Further north, the ecoregion wraps around the Onega Lake basin and Mansel’kya Uplands in east Laplandiya.
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Biome:Polar Freshwaters
Countries:Finland, Norway, Russia, Svalbard
Area:360,834,521 acres (146,024,550 hectares)
Species:All  Endangered  Invasive
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