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    Species Status Photo
    Acipenser naccarii (Adriatic sturgeon) Critical
    Acipenser nudiventris (Thorn Sturgeon) Critical
    Acipenser persicus (Persian sturgeon) Critical
    Acipenser schrenckii (Amur sturgeon) Critical
    Acipenser sinensis (Sagami sturgeon) Critical
    Acipenser stellatus (Stellate Sturgeon) Critical
    Acipenser sturio (Sturgeon) Critical
    Acis nicaeensis (French snowflake) Endangered
    Acisoma panorpoides ascalaphoides (Littoral Pintail) Endangered
    Acizzia mccarthyi (McCarthy's Plant-louse) Endangered
    Acizzia veski (Vesk's Plant-louse) Critical
    Acmadenia candida Endangered
    Acmopyle sahniana Critical
    Aconitum chasmanthum Critical
    Aconitum heterophyllum Endangered
    Acontias poecilus (Variable Legless Skink) Endangered
    Acontias rieppeli (Wood-bush Legless Skink) Endangered
    Acridocarpus congestus Endangered
    Acridocarpus monodii Endangered
    Acridocarpus pauciglandulosus Endangered
    Acridocarpus ugandensis Endangered
    Acridotheres melanopterus (Black-winged Myna) Critical
    Acritodon nephophilus Critical
    Acrocephalus aequinoctialis (Bokikokiko) Endangered
    Acrocephalus caffer (Tahiti Reed Warbler) Endangered
    Acrocephalus familiaris (Millerbird) Critical
    Acrocephalus griseldis (Basra Reed Warbler) Endangered
    Acrocephalus hiwae (Saipan Reed Warbler) Critical
    Acrocephalus longirostris (Moorea Reed Warbler) Critical
    Acrocephalus rimitarae (Rimatara reed warbler) Critical
    Acrocephalus sorghophilus (Speckled Reed Warbler) Endangered
    Acrocephalus vaughani (Pitcairn Reed Warbler) Endangered
    Brianhuntleya purpureostyla Endangered
    Acroloxus macedonicus Critical
    Acropogon aoupiniensis Endangered
    Acropogon bullatus Endangered
    Acropogon grandiflorus Endangered
    Acropogon jaffrei Endangered
    Acropogon margaretae Endangered
    Acropogon megaphyllus Endangered
    Acropogon moratianus Endangered
    Acropogon paagoumenensis Endangered
    Acropogon tireliae Critical
    Acropora cervicornis (Staghorn coral) Critical
    Acropora palmata (Elkhorn coral) Critical
    Acropora roseni Endangered
    Acropora rudis Endangered
    Acropora suharsonoi Endangered
    Dryopteris hasseltii (Dryopteris hasseltii) Endangered
    Acrostira bellamyi (Gomera Stick Grasshopper) Critical
    Acrostira euphorbiae (Palma Stick Grasshopper) Critical
    Acrostira tamarani (Gran Canaria Stick Grasshopper) Endangered
    Acrostira tenerifae (Tenerife Stick Grasshopper) Endangered
    Acroteriobatus variegatus (Variegated shovelnose guitarfish) Critical
    Spiraeanthemum vitiense Endangered
    Acteana alazonica (Tanzanian Coast Grasshopper) Endangered
    Actenoides bougainvillei (Moustached Kingfisher) Endangered
    Actenoides bougainvillei excelsus (Guadalcanal Moustached Kingfisher) Endangered
    Actinella arridens Critical
    Actinella carinofausta Endangered
    Actinella obserata Critical
    Actinidia stellatopilosa Endangered
    Actiniopteris pauciloba Endangered
    Actinodaphne bourneae Endangered
    Actinodaphne cuspidata Critical
    Actinodaphne lanata Critical
    Actinodaphne salicina Endangered
    Actinokentia huerlimannii Endangered
    Adansonia grandidieri (Grandidier's baobab) Endangered
    Adansonia perrieri (Perrier's Baobab) Endangered
    Adansonia suarezensis (Suarez Baobab) Endangered
    Addax nasomaculatus (addax) Critical
    Adelobotrys panamensis Critical
    Adelocosa anops (Kauai Cave Wolf Spider) Endangered
    Adelophryne maranguapensis (maranguapensis shield frog) Endangered
    Adelopoma stolli Endangered
    Adelphicos daryi (Dary's Burrowing Snake) Endangered
    Adelphicos ibarrorum Endangered
    Adenia dolichosiphon Endangered
    Adenia kigogoensis Endangered
    Adenia racemosa Endangered
    Adenia schliebenii Endangered
    Adenocarpus ombriosus Endangered
    Adenogramma rigida (Rigid Muggiegrass) Endangered
    Leptodactylus lutzi (Lutz's Tropical Bullfrog) Endangered
    Adenomus dasi (Das's dwarf toad) Critical
    Adenomus kandianus Critical
    Adenomus kelaartii (Kelaart's Toad) Endangered
    Adenophorus epigaeus (Kauai kihifern) Endangered
    Adenophorus periens (Pendant kihi fern) Critical
    Adetomyrma venatrix (Ant) Critical
    Adiantum fengianum Endangered
    Adiantum incisum subsp. incisum Endangered
    Adinandra griffithii Endangered
    Adrianichthys kruyti (Duck-bill Poso minnow) Critical
    Advena charon Endangered
    Aechmea cymosopaniculata Critical
    Aechmea downsiana Critical
    Aechmea kentii Endangered
    Aechmea kleinii Endangered
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  • Endangered Status provided by IUCN 2012. IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. Version 2012.2 <www.iucnredlist.org> Downloaded on 11 April 2013.
    Images provided by Wikimedia Commons licensed under a Creative Commons License