Land Use Data for Latitude 48.75 Longitude -123.25

Area size: .5 degrees latitude by .5 degrees longitude


Active Pass
Gulf Islands National Park

Agricultural Land Uses

Urban land


Boreal drylands
Temperate humid
Temperate drylands


Cereals and cereal products

Growing Period (days)

150 to 179
180 to 209
210 to 239
240 to 269

Soil Types

Gleysols (Soils with clear signs of groundwater influence)


Plain or plateau
Mountain 800-1500 m, slope > 5%

Slopes (degrees)

0.5 to 2
2 to 5
8 to 16
16 to 30
30 to 45
above 45

Population Density (persons per km2)

0 to 2
above 250

Infant mortality (per 1000 live births)

2 to 5

Mineral Extraction

Site Name (Type)Minerals
Davison Head Deposit (Surface)Limestone, General
Deadman Bay Deposits (Surface)Limestone, General
English Camp Deposit (Surface)Limestone, General
Hannah Area Outcrop A (Surface)Limestone, General
Hannah Area Outcrop B (Surface)Limestone, General
Jones Island Depsoit No. 1 (Surface)Limestone, General
Kellett Bluff Deposit (Surface)Limestone, General
Lawson Cave Deposit (Surface)Limestone, General
Mount Dallas Deposits (Surface)Limestone, General
O'Neal Island (Surface)Limestone, General
Open Bay Deposit (Surface)Limestone, General
Rouleau (Surface)Limestone, General
Rulo (Surface)Limestone, General
Welch Deposit (Surface)Limestone, General
Young Hill East Deposit (Surface)Limestone, General

Agricultural use data provided by LADA, 2008. "Mapping Land Use Systems at global and regional scales for Land Degradation Assessment Analysis. Version 1.0" Nachtergaele F. & Petri M.
Mineral extraction data provided by USGS Mineral Resources Data System (MRDS), downloaded June 2, 2010.