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Panthera onca hernandesii (Jaguar)

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Panthera onca hernandesii (Mearns, 1901) was proposed as a subspecies of jaguar, native to Mexico and the United States, before later research failed to find evidence for it. In 1939, due to lack of evidence, Reginald Innes Pocock accepted that other proposed subspecies, Panthera onca arizonensis, Panthera onca centralis, Panthera onca goldmani, and Panthera onca veraecrucis, were the same subspecies as Panthera onca hernandesii. Therefore, the taxonomic name Panthera onca hernandesii referred to a geographic group, if not subspecies, of jaguars, from the United States and Mexico in the north, Central America in the middle, and Colombia in the south.
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