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Orconectes virilis (virile crayfish)

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Orconectes virilis is a species of crayfish known as the virile crayfish, northern crayfish, Eastern Crayfish and lesser known as the Lake Crayfish or Common Crawfish. It is native to eastern United States and southeast Canada.
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Invasive Species

Orconectes virilis is a crayfish native to the Missouri, Mississippi, Ohio, and Great Lakes drainages of the United States. It has become introduced to locations throughout the United States through live pet and bait trade and has also established in a few locations in Europe. Its important impacts to introduced systems include competition with and displacement of native fish and crayfish and the reduction of snail, macroinvertebrate, and macrophyte abundance and biodiversity.
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Micropterus dolomieu (Smallmouth bass)[1]

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