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Syrmaticus (pheasants)

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The genus Syrmaticus contains the five species of long-tailed pheasants. The males have short spurs and usually red facial wattles, but otherwise differ wildly in appearance. The hens (females) and chicks pattern of all the species have a rather conservative and plesiomorphic drab brown color pattern.5 species are generally accepted in this genus.
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Syrmaticus ellioti (Elliot's Pheasant) (Attributes)
Syrmaticus humiae (Mrs. Hume's Pheasant) (Attributes)
Syrmaticus mikado (Mikado Pheasant) (Attributes)
Syrmaticus reevesii (Reeves's Pheasant) (Attributes)
Syrmaticus soemmerringii (Copper Pheasant) (Attributes)

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