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Progne (purple martins)

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Progne is a genus of birds. The genus name refers to Procne (Πρόκνη), a mythological girl who was turned into a swallow to save her from her husband. She had killed their son to avenge the rape of her sister. Created by Friedrich Boie in 1826, the genus contains nine American swallows.
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Progne chalybea (Grey-breasted Martin) (Attributes)
Progne cryptoleuca (Cuban Martin) (Attributes)
Progne dominicensis (Caribbean Martin) (Attributes)
Progne elegans (Southern Martin) (Attributes)
Progne modesta (Galapagos Martin) (Endangered) (Attributes)
Progne murphyi (Peruvian Martin) (Attributes)
Progne sinaloae (Sinaloa Martin) (Attributes)
Progne subis (Purple Martin) (Attributes)
Progne tapera (Brown-chested Martin) (Attributes)

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