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Aphelocoma (scrub jays)

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The passerine birds of the genus Aphelocomainclude the scrub jays and relatives. They are New World jays found in Mexico, western Central America and the western United States, with an outlying population in Florida. This genus belongs to the group of New World (or "blue") jays–possibly a distinct subfamily–which is not closely related to other jays, magpies or treepies. They live in open pine-oak forests, chaparral, and mixed evergreen forests.
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Aphelocoma californica (Western Scrub-Jay) (Attributes)
Aphelocoma coerulescens (Florida Scrub-Jay) (Attributes)
Aphelocoma insularis (Island Scrub-Jay) (Attributes)
Aphelocoma ultramarina (Ultramarine Jay) (Attributes)
Aphelocoma unicolor (Unicolored Jay) (Attributes)
Aphelocoma wollweberi (Mexican Jay) (Attributes)
Aphelocoma woodhouseii (Woodhouse's scrub jay) (Attributes)

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