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Paroreomyza (paroreomyzine creepers)

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Paroreomyza is a genus of finch in the Fringillidae family.It contains the following three species (one of which is extant): \n* Kākāwahie (Paroreomyza flammea) -extinct 1963 \n* Oʻahu ʻalauahio (Paroreomyza maculata) \n* Pareromyza montana \n* Lanaʻi ʻalauahio (Paroreomyza montana montana) -extinct \n* Maui ʻalauahio (Paroreomyza montana newtoni)
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Paroreomyza flammea (Molokai Creeper)
Paroreomyza maculata (Oahu Creeper) (Critically Endangered) (Attributes)
Paroreomyza montana (Maui Creeper) (Endangered) (Attributes)

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