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Mycteria (wood storks)

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Mycteria is a genus of large tropical storks with representatives in the Americas, east Africa and southern and southeastern Asia. Two species have "ibis" in their scientific or old common names, but they are not related to these birds and simply look more similar to an ibis than do other storks. They are broad-winged soaring birds that fly with the neck outstretched and legs extended. They are resident breeders in lowland wetlands with trees in which build large stick nests.
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Mycteria americana (Wood Stork) (Attributes)
Mycteria cinerea (Milky Stork) (Endangered) (Attributes)
Mycteria ibis (Yellow-billed Stork) (Attributes)
Mycteria leucocephala (Painted Stork) (Attributes)

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