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Onobrychis (sainfoin)

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Onobrychis, the sainfoins, are Eurasian perennial herbs of the legume family (Fabaceae). Including doubtfully distinct species and provisionally accepted taxa, about 150 species are presently known. The Flora Europaea lists 23 species of Onobrychis; the main centre of diversity extends from Central Asia to Iran, with 56 species – 27 of which are endemic – in the latter country alone. O. viciifolia is naturalized throughout many countries in Europe and North America grasslands on calcareous soils.
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Onobrychis acaulis
Onobrychis aequidentata (Zacken-Esparsette)
Onobrychis afghanica
Onobrychis alatavica
Onobrychis alba
Onobrychis aliacmonia
Onobrychis altissima
Onobrychis alyassinicus
Onobrychis amoena
Onobrychis andalanica
Onobrychis angustifolia
Onobrychis arenaria (Sand-Esparsette) (Attributes)
Onobrychis argyrea
Onobrychis arnacantha
Onobrychis atropatana
Onobrychis aucheri
Onobrychis baldshuanica
Onobrychis bertiscea
Onobrychis bicornis
Onobrychis biebersteinii
Onobrychis bobrovii
Onobrychis buhseana
Onobrychis bungei (Attributes)
Onobrychis cadevallii
Onobrychis caput-galli (cockshead sainfoin) (Attributes)
Onobrychis caput-gallii
Onobrychis chorassanica
Onobrychis conferta
Onobrychis cornuta
Onobrychis crista-galli
Onobrychis cyri
Onobrychis daghestanica
Onobrychis darwasica
Onobrychis dealbata
Onobrychis degenii
Onobrychis depauperata
Onobrychis dielsii
Onobrychis ebenoides (Attributes)
Onobrychis echidna
Onobrychis elymaitiaca
Onobrychis eubrychidea
Onobrychis fallax
Onobrychis ferganica
Onobrychis freitagii
Onobrychis galegifolia
Onobrychis gaubae
Onobrychis gontscharovii
Onobrychis gracilis
Onobrychis grandis
Onobrychis grossheimii
Onobrychis gypsicola
Onobrychis hajastana
Onobrychis hamata
Onobrychis haussknechtii
Onobrychis heliocarpa
Onobrychis heterophylla
Onobrychis hohenackerana
Onobrychis humilis
Onobrychis hypargyrea
Onobrychis iberica
Onobrychis inermis
Onobrychis iranica
Onobrychis iranshahrii
Onobrychis jailae
Onobrychis kabylica
Onobrychis kachetica
Onobrychis kemulariae
Onobrychis kermanensis
Onobrychis kluchorica
Onobrychis komarovii
Onobrychis kotschyana
Onobrychis lahidjanicus
Onobrychis laxiflora
Onobrychis longipes
Onobrychis lunata
Onobrychis luristanica
Onobrychis macrorrhiza
Onobrychis major
Onobrychis majorovii
Onobrychis mazanderanica
Onobrychis megalobotrys
Onobrychis megaloptera
Onobrychis megataphros
Onobrychis melanotricha
Onobrychis mermuelleri
Onobrychis meschetica
Onobrychis michauxii
Onobrychis micrantha
Onobrychis microptera
Onobrychis montana (Berg-Esparsette) (Attributes)
Onobrychis nemecii
Onobrychis nikitinii
Onobrychis novopokrovskii
Onobrychis nummularia
Onobrychis oxyodonta
Onobrychis oxyptera
Onobrychis oxytropoides
Onobrychis pallasii
Onobrychis pallida
Onobrychis paucidentata
Onobrychis persica
Onobrychis petraea
Onobrychis pindicola
Onobrychis plantago
Onobrychis poikilantha
Onobrychis psoraleifolia
Onobrychis ptolemaica
Onobrychis ptychophylla
Onobrychis pulchella
Onobrychis pyrenaica
Onobrychis radiata
Onobrychis rechingerorum
Onobrychis reuteri
Onobrychis ruprechtii
Onobrychis samanganica
Onobrychis saravschanica
Onobrychis sauzakensis
Onobrychis saxatilis (Felsen-Esparsette)
Onobrychis schahuensis
Onobrychis schuschajensis
Onobrychis scrobiculata
Onobrychis sennenii
Onobrychis shahpurensis
Onobrychis sintenisii
Onobrychis sirdjanicus
Onobrychis sojakii
Onobrychis sphaciotica
Onobrychis spinosissima
Onobrychis splendida
Onobrychis stenorhiza
Onobrychis stenostachya
Onobrychis stewartii
Onobrychis subacaulis
Onobrychis subnitens
Onobrychis supina (Attributes)
Onobrychis susiana
Onobrychis szovitsii
Onobrychis talagonica
Onobrychis tavernieraefolia
Onobrychis tesquicola
Onobrychis tournefortii
Onobrychis transcaspica
Onobrychis transcaucasica
Onobrychis vaginalis
Onobrychis vassilczenkoi
Onobrychis verae
Onobrychis viciifolia (sainfoin) (Attributes)
Onobrychis wettsteinii

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