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Lonchocarpus (lancepod)

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Lonchocarpus is a plant genus in the legume family (Fabaceae). The species are called lancepods due to their fruit resembling an ornate lance tip or a few beads on a string. Cubé resin is produced from the roots of L. urucu and namely ''L. utilis (cubé). It contains enough of the toxic rotenoids rotenone and deguelin to be used as an insecticide and piscicide. As these are naturally occurring compounds, they were formerly used in organic farming. Since it is highly unselective and kills useful, as well as pest, animals, it is considered harmful to the environment today. Also, chronic exposure to rotenone and deguelin seems to increase the risk of Parkinson's disease even in mammals, for which these compounds are less acutely toxic than for fish and insects. On the other hand, deguelin migh
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Lonchocarpus acuminatus (Attributes)
Lonchocarpus amarus (Attributes)
Lonchocarpus araripensis (Attributes)
Lonchocarpus atropurpureus (Chaperno) (Attributes)
Lonchocarpus balsensis (Attributes)
Lonchocarpus benthamianus (Attributes)
Lonchocarpus bicolor (Attributes)
Lonchocarpus blainii (Guamacito) (Attributes)
Lonchocarpus boliviensis (Attributes)
Lonchocarpus brachybotrys (Attributes)
Lonchocarpus broadwayi (Attributes)
Lonchocarpus bussei (Attributes)
Lonchocarpus calcaratus (Attributes)
Lonchocarpus campestris (Attributes)
Lonchocarpus capassa (Attributes)
Lonchocarpus capensis (Attributes)
Lonchocarpus castilloi (Black Cabbage-bark) (Attributes)
Lonchocarpus caudatus (Attributes)
Lonchocarpus chiangii (Attributes)
Lonchocarpus chiricanus (Attributes)
Lonchocarpus chrysophyllus (Attributes)
Lonchocarpus comitensis (Attributes)
Lonchocarpus constrictus (Attributes)
Lonchocarpus costaricensis (Pavilla) (Attributes)
Lonchocarpus costatus (Attributes)
Lonchocarpus crucisrubierae (Attributes)
Lonchocarpus dasycalyx (Attributes)
Lonchocarpus densiflorus (Attributes)
Lonchocarpus dipteroneurus (Grifo) (Attributes)
Lonchocarpus domingensis (geno geno) (Attributes)
Lonchocarpus ehrenbergii (Attributes)
Lonchocarpus ellipticus (Attributes)
Lonchocarpus emarginatus (Attributes)
Lonchocarpus epigaeus (Attributes)
Lonchocarpus eriocalyx (Attributes)
Lonchocarpus eriocarinalis (Palo De Oro) (Endangered) (Attributes)
Lonchocarpus fendleri (Attributes)
Lonchocarpus ferrugineus (Attributes)
Lonchocarpus filipes (Attributes)
Lonchocarpus floribundus (Timbo-rana) (Attributes)
Lonchocarpus fuscopurpureus (Attributes)
Lonchocarpus galeottianus (Attributes)
Lonchocarpus gillyi (Attributes)
Lonchocarpus glabrescens (Attributes)
Lonchocarpus glaucifolius (geno) (Attributes)
Lonchocarpus glaziovii (Attributes)
Lonchocarpus guatemalensis (Dogwood) (Attributes)
Lonchocarpus guillemineanus (Cabelouro) (Attributes)
Lonchocarpus heptaphyllus (broadleaf lancepod) (Attributes)
Lonchocarpus hermannii (Attributes)
Lonchocarpus hidalgensis (Attributes)
Lonchocarpus hintonii (Attributes)
Lonchocarpus hondurensis (Swamp Dogwood) (Attributes)
Lonchocarpus huetamoensis (Attributes)
Lonchocarpus hughesii (Attributes)
Lonchocarpus jaliscensis (Attributes)
Lonchocarpus kanurii (Attributes)
Lonchocarpus katangensis (Attributes)
Lonchocarpus killipii (Attributes)
Lonchocarpus kreberi (Attributes)
Lonchocarpus lanceolatus (Vara Blanca) (Attributes)
Lonchocarpus larensis (Attributes)
Lonchocarpus lasiotropis (Attributes)
Lonchocarpus laxiflorus (Attributes)
Lonchocarpus leucanthus (Rabo-ita) (Attributes)
Lonchocarpus lilloi (Quina Blanca) (Attributes)
Lonchocarpus lineatus (Attributes)
Lonchocarpus longipedicellatus (Attributes)
Lonchocarpus longipedunculatus (Attributes)
Lonchocarpus longipes (Guama Negro) (Attributes)
Lonchocarpus longistylus (Attributes)
Lonchocarpus luteomaculatus (Attributes)
Lonchocarpus lutescens (Attributes)
Lonchocarpus macrocarpus (Attributes)
Lonchocarpus macrophyllus (Attributes)
Lonchocarpus madagascariensis (Attributes)
Lonchocarpus magallanesii (Attributes)
Lonchocarpus malacotrichus (Attributes)
Lonchocarpus margaritensis (Attributes)
Lonchocarpus martynii (Cipo Cururu) (Attributes)
Lonchocarpus mexicanus (Attributes)
Lonchocarpus michelianus (Attributes)
Lonchocarpus miniflorus
Lonchocarpus minimiflorus (Chaperno) (Attributes)
Lonchocarpus minor (Attributes)
Lonchocarpus mirandinus (Attributes)
Lonchocarpus molinae (Critically Endangered) (Attributes)
Lonchocarpus mollis (Attributes)
Lonchocarpus monilis (Barbasco) (Attributes)
Lonchocarpus monofoliaris (Attributes)
Lonchocarpus monophyllus (Attributes)
Lonchocarpus monticolus (Attributes)
Lonchocarpus morenoi (Attributes)
Lonchocarpus muehlbergianus (Caabuzu) (Attributes)
Lonchocarpus mutans (Attributes)
Lonchocarpus negrensis (Attributes)
Lonchocarpus nelsii (Attributes)
Lonchocarpus neurophyllus (Attributes)
Lonchocarpus nicou <Unverified Name>
Lonchocarpus nitidulus (Attributes)
Lonchocarpus nitidus (Yerba De Bugre) (Attributes)
Lonchocarpus nudiflorens (Attributes)
Lonchocarpus oaxacensis (Attributes)
Lonchocarpus obovatus (Attributes)
Lonchocarpus obtusus (Attributes)
Lonchocarpus oliganthus (Chaperno) (Attributes)
Lonchocarpus orizabensis (Attributes)
Lonchocarpus orotinus (Attributes)
Lonchocarpus oxycarpus (Attributes)
Lonchocarpus pallescens (Attributes)
Lonchocarpus parviflorus (Attributes)
Lonchocarpus patens (Attributes)
Lonchocarpus peckoltii (Attributes)
Lonchocarpus peninsularis (Chaperno) (Attributes)
Lonchocarpus phaseolifolius (Critically Endangered) (Attributes)
Lonchocarpus philenoptera (Attributes)
Lonchocarpus pictus (Attributes)
Lonchocarpus pilosus (Attributes)
Lonchocarpus pittieri (Attributes)
Lonchocarpus pluvialis (Attributes)
Lonchocarpus praecox (Attributes)
Lonchocarpus punctatus (dotted lancepod) (Attributes)
Lonchocarpus purpureus (Cocorocho) (Attributes)
Lonchocarpus pycnophyllus (Attributes)
Lonchocarpus retiferus (Endangered) (Attributes)
Lonchocarpus robustus (Attributes)
Lonchocarpus roseus (Attributes)
Lonchocarpus rubiginosus (Attributes)
Lonchocarpus rugosus (Chaperno) (Attributes)
Lonchocarpus salvadorensis (Chaperno) (Attributes)
Lonchocarpus sanctae-marthae (Attributes)
Lonchocarpus sanctuarii (Critically Endangered) (Attributes)
Lonchocarpus santarosanus (Chapelno Blanco) (Attributes)
Lonchocarpus scandens (Attributes)
Lonchocarpus schubertiae (Attributes)
Lonchocarpus seleri (Attributes)
Lonchocarpus sericeus (Savonnette-riviere) (Attributes)
Lonchocarpus sinaloensis (Attributes)
Lonchocarpus spectabilis (Attributes)
Lonchocarpus spiciflorus (Attributes)
Lonchocarpus stenopteris (Attributes)
Lonchocarpus stramineus (Attributes)
Lonchocarpus subglaucescens (Attributes)
Lonchocarpus subulidentatus (Attributes)
Lonchocarpus sutherlandii (Attributes)
Lonchocarpus trifolius (Critically Endangered) (Attributes)
Lonchocarpus unifoliolatus (Attributes)
Lonchocarpus velutinus (Gallote) (Attributes)
Lonchocarpus verrucosus (Attributes)
Lonchocarpus violaceus (Savonette Petite Feuille) (Attributes)
Lonchocarpus virgilioides (Attributes)
Lonchocarpus whitei (Attributes)
Lonchocarpus yoroensis (Chaperno) (Critically Endangered) (Attributes)
Lonchocarpus yucatanensis (Attributes)

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