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Andropogon (bluestem)

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Andropogon (common names: beard grass, bluestem grass, broomsedge) is a widespread genus of plants in the grass family, native to much of Asia, Africa, and the Americas as well as southern Europe and various oceanic islands. There are over 100 species.
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Andropogon abyssinicus (Attributes)
Andropogon aequatoriensis (Attributes)
Andropogon africanus (Attributes)
Andropogon alopecurus (Attributes)
Andropogon amethystinus (Attributes)
Andropogon andringitrensis
Andropogon angustatus (Attributes)
Andropogon appendiculatus (Attributes)
Andropogon arctatus (pinewoods bluestem) (Attributes)
Andropogon arenarius (Attributes)
Andropogon aridus (Attributes)
Andropogon auriculatus (Attributes)
Andropogon barretoi (Attributes)
Andropogon bentii (Endangered) (Attributes)
Andropogon bicornis (barbas de indio) (Attributes)
Andropogon bourgaei (Attributes)
Andropogon brachystachyus (shortspike bluestem) (Attributes)
Andropogon brasiliensis (Attributes)
Andropogon brazzae (Attributes)
Andropogon burmanicus (Attributes)
Andropogon campestris (Attributes)
Andropogon canaliculatus (Attributes)
Andropogon carinatus (Attributes)
Andropogon catarinensis
Andropogon chevalieri (Attributes)
Andropogon chinensis (Attributes)
Andropogon chrysostachyus (Attributes)
Andropogon coloratus
Andropogon columbiensis
Andropogon cordatus (Attributes)
Andropogon crassus (Attributes)
Andropogon crossotos (Attributes)
Andropogon crucianus (Attributes)
Andropogon curvifolius (Attributes)
Andropogon distachyos (Attributes)
Andropogon diuturnus (Attributes)
Andropogon durifolius (Attributes)
Andropogon eucomus (Attributes)
Andropogon exaratus (Attributes)
Andropogon festuciformis (Attributes)
Andropogon floridanus (Florida bluestem) (Attributes)
Andropogon gabonensis (Attributes)
Andropogon gaianus <Unverified Name>
Andropogon gayanus (bluestem) (Attributes)
Andropogon gerardii (big bluestem) (Attributes)
Andropogon glaucescens (Attributes)
Andropogon glaucophyllus (Attributes)
Andropogon glaziovii (Attributes)
Andropogon glomeratus (bushy bluestem) (Attributes)
Andropogon greenwayi (Attributes)
Andropogon guaraniticus
Andropogon gyrans (Elliott's bluestem) (Attributes)
Andropogon hallii (sand bluestem) (Attributes)
Andropogon heterantherus (Attributes)
Andropogon hirtum <Unverified Name>
Andropogon hypogynus (Attributes)
Andropogon ibityensis (Attributes)
Andropogon imerinensis (Attributes)
Andropogon incomptus (Attributes)
Andropogon indetonsus (Attributes)
Andropogon ingratus (Attributes)
Andropogon insolitus (Attributes)
Andropogon ishaemum <Unverified Name>
Andropogon itremoensis
Andropogon ivohibensis (Attributes)
Andropogon ivorensis (Attributes)
Andropogon kelleri (Attributes)
Andropogon lacunosus (Attributes)
Andropogon lateralis (Attributes)
Andropogon lehmannii (Attributes)
Andropogon leprodes (Attributes)
Andropogon leucostachyus (matojillo bluestem) (Endangered) (Attributes)
Andropogon liebmannii (Mohr's bluestem) (Attributes)
Andropogon ligulatus (Attributes)
Andropogon lima (Attributes)
Andropogon lindmanii (Attributes)
Andropogon lividus (Attributes)
Andropogon longiberbis (hairy bluestem) (Attributes)
Andropogon macrophyllus (Attributes)
Andropogon macrothrix
Andropogon mannii (Attributes)
Andropogon monocladus (Attributes)
Andropogon multiflorus (Attributes)
Andropogon munroi (Attributes)
Andropogon palustris
Andropogon paraguariensis
Andropogon perligulatus (Attributes)
Andropogon pinguipes (Attributes)
Andropogon platyphyllus
Andropogon pohlianus (Attributes)
Andropogon polyptychos (Attributes)
Andropogon pringlei (Attributes)
Andropogon pseudapricus (Attributes)
Andropogon pteropholis (Attributes)
Andropogon pumilus (Attributes)
Andropogon pungens (Attributes)
Andropogon pusillus (Attributes)
Andropogon scabriglumis (Endangered) (Attributes)
Andropogon schirensis (Attributes)
Andropogon scoparium <Unverified Name>
Andropogon selloanus (Attributes)
Andropogon sischnaemum <Unverified Name>
Andropogon subtilior
Andropogon tectorum (Attributes)
Andropogon tenuiberbis (Attributes)
Andropogon ternarius (splitbeard bluestem) (Attributes)
Andropogon ternatus (Attributes)
Andropogon textilis (Attributes)
Andropogon thorelii (Attributes)
Andropogon tolimensis
Andropogon tracyi (Tracy's bluestem) (Attributes)
Andropogon trichozygus (Attributes)
Andropogon tsaratananensis
Andropogon urbanianus (Attributes)
Andropogon vetus (Attributes)
Andropogon virgatus (West Indian bluestem) (Attributes)
Andropogon virginicus (broomsedge bluestem) (Attributes)

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