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Carduelis (goldfinches)

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The genus Carduelisis a group of birds in the finch family Fringillidae. The genus name carduelis is the Latin word for the European goldfinch. A large number of bird species were at one time assigned to the genus but it became clear from phylogenetic studies of mitochondrial and nuclear DNA sequences that the genus was polyphyletic. The polyphyletic nature of the genus was confirmed by Dario Zuccon and coworkers in a comprehensive study of the finch family published in 2012. The authors suggested splitting the genus into several monophyletic clades, a proposal that was accepted by the International Ornithologists' Union. The siskins and goldfinches from the Americas formed a distinct clade and were moved to the resurrected genus Spinus, the greenfinches were moved to the genus Chloris, th
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Carduelis carduelis (European Goldfinch) (Attributes)
Carduelis citrinella (Citril Finch) (Attributes)
Carduelis corsicana (Corsican Finch) (Attributes)

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