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Petinomys (small flying squirrels)

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Petinomys is a genus of rodent in the family Sciuridae. It contains the following species: \n* Basilan flying squirrel (Petinomys crinitus) \n* Travancore flying squirrel (Petinomys fuscocapillus) \n* Whiskered flying squirrel (Petinomys genibarbis) \n* Hagen's flying squirrel (Petinomys hageni) \n* Siberut flying squirrel (Petinomys lugens) \n* Mindanao flying squirrel (Petinomys mindanensis) \n* Arrow flying squirrel (Petinomys sagitta) \n* Temminck's flying squirrel (Petinomys setosus) \n* Vordermann's flying squirrel (Petinomys vordermanni)
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Petinomys crinitus (Mindanao flying squirrel) (Attributes)
Petinomys fuscocapillus (Travancore flying squirrel) (Attributes)
Petinomys genibarbis (whiskered flying squirrel) (Attributes)
Petinomys hageni (Hagen's flying squirrel) (Attributes)
Petinomys lugens (Siberut flying squirrel) (Attributes)
Petinomys mindanensis (Mindanao Flying Squirrel) (Attributes)
Petinomys setosus (Temminck's flying squirrel) (Attributes)
Petinomys vordermanni (Vordermann's flying squirrel) (Attributes)

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