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Coturnix (Asian quails)

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Coturnix is a genus of six extant species and two known extinct species of Old World quail. The genus name is the Latin for the common quail. The quails are related to the francolins, jungle bush quail, snowcocks and rock partridges. Species of Coturnix and the aforementioned genera belong to their own monophyletic clade, Coturnicinae, a subfamily within the family Phasianidae.
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Coturnix adansonii (Blue Quail) (Attributes)
Coturnix chinensis (King Quail) (Attributes)
Coturnix coromandelica (Rain Quail) (Attributes)
Coturnix coturnix (Common Quail) (Attributes)
Coturnix delegorguei (Harlequin Quail) (Attributes)
Coturnix japonica (Japanese Quail) (Attributes)
Coturnix novaezelandiae (New Zealand Quail) (Attributes)
Coturnix pectoralis (Stubble Quail) (Attributes)
Coturnix ypsilophora (Brown Quail) (Attributes)

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