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Serinus (canaries)

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Serinus is a genus of small birds in the finch family Fringillidae found in Europe and Africa. The birds usually have some yellow in their plumage. The genus was introduced in 1816 by the German naturalist Carl Ludwig Koch. The genus name is New Latin for "canary-yellow". The genus contains eight species:
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Serinus alario (Black-headed Canary) (Attributes)
Serinus canaria (Common Canary) (Attributes)
Serinus canicollis (Cape Canary) (Attributes)
Serinus flavivertex (yellow-crowned canary) (Attributes)
Serinus nigriceps (Ethiopian Siskin) (Attributes)
Serinus pusillus (Red-fronted Serin) (Attributes)
Serinus serinus (European Serin) (Attributes)
Serinus syriacus (Syrian Serin) (Attributes)

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