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Lorius (lories)

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Lorius is a genus of lorikeet in the parrot family Psittaculidae. The genus contains six species that are distributed from the Moluccas in Indonesia through New Guinea to the Solomon Islands. They have characteristic red plumage with varying amounts of blue (and in some yellow and white), green wings, and in all but one species a black crown. The bills are orange and the feet are grey.
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Lorius albidinucha (White-naped Lory) (Attributes)
Lorius chlorocercus (Yellow-bibbed Lory) (Attributes)
Lorius domicella (Purple-naped Lory) (Endangered) (Attributes)
Lorius garrulus (Chattering Lory) (Attributes)
Lorius hypoinochrous (Purple-bellied Lory) (Attributes)
Lorius lory (Black-capped Lory) (Attributes)

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