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Hemignathus ('amakihis)

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Hemignathus is a Hawaiian honeycreeper genus in the finch family, Fringillidae. These birds are endemic to the Hawaiian Islands. Many of its species became extinct during the 19th and 20th centuries due to a combination of habitat destruction, introduced predators, and most importantly mosquito-borne diseases. Some others became extinct in prehistoric times, when Polynesian settlers deforested the lowlands for agriculture.
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Hemignathus affinis (Maui nukupu'u) (Critically Endangered) (Attributes)
Hemignathus hanapepe (Nukupu'u) (Critically Endangered) (Attributes)
Hemignathus lucidus (Nukupuu) (Attributes)
Hemignathus wilsoni (Akiapolaau) (Endangered) (Attributes)

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