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Bactris (bactris palm)

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Bactris is a genus of spiny palms which is native to the Mexico, South and Central America and the Caribbean. Most species are small trees about 2 metres (6 ft 7 in) tall, but some are large trees while others are shrubs with subterranean stems. They have simple or pinnately compound leaves and yellow, orange, red or purple-black fruit. The genus is most closely related to several other spiny palms—Acrocomia, Aiphanes, Astrocaryum and Desmoncus. The fruit of several species is edible, most notably B. gasipaes, while others are used medicinally or for construction.
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Bactris acanthocarpa (Attributes)
Bactris acanthocarpoides (Attributes)
Bactris ana-juliae (Attributes)
Bactris aubletiana (Attributes)
Bactris bahiensis (Attributes)
Bactris balanoides
Bactris balanophora (Attributes)
Bactris barronis (Attributes)
Bactris bidentula (Attributes)
Bactris bifida (Attributes)
Bactris brongniartii (Attributes)
Bactris campestris (Attributes)
Bactris caryotifolia (Attributes)
Bactris caudata (Attributes)
Bactris charnleyae (Attributes)
Bactris chaveziae (Attributes)
Bactris chocoensis
Bactris coloniata (Attributes)
Bactris coloradonis (Attributes)
Bactris concinna (Attributes)
Bactris constanciae (Attributes)
Bactris corossilla (Attributes)
Bactris cubensis (Attributes)
Bactris cuspidata (Attributes)
Bactris dianeura (Attributes)
Bactris elegans (Attributes)
Bactris faucium (Attributes)
Bactris ferruginea (Attributes)
Bactris fissifrons (Attributes)
Bactris gasipaes (peach palm) (Attributes)
Bactris gastoniana (Attributes)
Bactris glandulosa (Attributes)
Bactris glassmanii (Attributes)
Bactris glaucescens (Attributes)
Bactris gracilior (Attributes)
Bactris grayumii (Attributes)
Bactris guineensis (Guinea bactris) (Attributes)
Bactris halmoorei (Attributes)
Bactris hatschbachii (Attributes)
Bactris herrerana (Attributes)
Bactris hirta (Attributes)
Bactris horridispatha (Attributes)
Bactris jamaicana (Attributes)
Bactris killipii (Attributes)
Bactris kunorum (Attributes)
Bactris longiseta (Attributes)
Bactris macroacantha (Attributes)
Bactris major (Prickly palm) (Attributes)
Bactris manriquei
Bactris maraja (Attributes)
Bactris martiana (Attributes)
Bactris mexicana (Attributes)
Bactris militaris (Attributes)
Bactris moorei (Attributes)
Bactris nancibaensis (Attributes)
Bactris nancibensis (Critically Endangered)
Bactris obovata (Attributes)
Bactris oligocarpa (Attributes)
Bactris oligoclada (Attributes)
Bactris palmae <Unverified Name>
Bactris panamensis (Attributes)
Bactris pickelii (Attributes)
Bactris pilosa (Attributes)
Bactris pliniana (Attributes)
Bactris plumeriana (Attributes)
Bactris polystachya (Attributes)
Bactris ptariana (Attributes)
Bactris rhaphidacantha (Attributes)
Bactris riparia (Attributes)
Bactris rostrata (Attributes)
Bactris schultesii (Attributes)
Bactris setiflora (Endangered) (Attributes)
Bactris setosa (Attributes)
Bactris setulosa (Attributes)
Bactris simplicifrons (Attributes)
Bactris soeiroana (Attributes)
Bactris sphaerocarpa (Attributes)
Bactris syagroides (Attributes)
Bactris tefensis (Attributes)
Bactris timbuiensis (Attributes)
Bactris tomentosa (Attributes)
Bactris turbinocarpa (Attributes)
Bactris vulgaris (Attributes)

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