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Netta (pochards)

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Netta is a genus of diving ducks. The name is derived from Greek Netta "duck". Unlike other diving ducks, the Netta species are reluctant to dive, and feed more like dabbling ducks. These are gregarious ducks, mainly found on fresh water. They are strong fliers; their broad, blunt-tipped wings require faster wing-beats than those of many ducks and they take off with some difficulty. They do not walk as well on land as the dabbling ducks because their legs tend to be placed further back on their bodies to help propel them when underwater.
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Netta erythrophthalma (Southern Pochard) (Attributes)
Netta peposaca (Rosy-billed Pochard) (Attributes)
Netta rufina (Red-crested Pochard) (Attributes)

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