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Livistona (livistona)

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Livistona is a genus of palms (family Arecaceae), native to southern and southeastern Asia, Australasia, and the Horn of Africa. They are fan palms, the leaves with an armed petiole terminating in a rounded, costapalmate fan of numerous leaflets. Livistona is closely related to the genus Saribus, and for a time Saribus was included in Livistona. Recent studies, however, have advocated separating the two groups. Livistona species are used as food plants by the larvae of some Lepidoptera species including Batrachedra arenosella (recorded on L. subglobosa) and Paysandisia archon.
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Livistona alfredii (Millstream Palm) (Attributes)
Livistona australis (Cabbage Palm) (Attributes)
Livistona benthamii (Attributes)
Livistona boninensis (Attributes)
Livistona carinensis (Bankoual´┐Ż Palm) (Endangered) (Attributes)
Livistona chinensis (fountain palm) (Attributes)
Livistona concinna (Attributes)
Livistona decora (Attributes)
Livistona drudei (Endangered) (Attributes)
Livistona eastonii (Attributes)
Livistona endauensis (Attributes)
Livistona exigua (Attributes)
Livistona fulva (Attributes)
Livistona halongensis (Attributes)
Livistona humilis (Attributes)
Livistona inermis (Attributes)
Livistona jenkinsiana (Attributes)
Livistona lanuginosa (Waxy Cabbage Palm) (Attributes)
Livistona lorophylla (Attributes)
Livistona mariae (Central Australian Cabbage Palm) (Attributes)
Livistona muelleri (Attributes)
Livistona nasmophila (Attributes)
Livistona nitida (Attributes)
Livistona rigida (Attributes)
Livistona rotundiflora <Unverified Name>
Livistona rutundifolia <Unverified Name>
Livistona saribus (taraw palm) (Attributes)
Livistona speciosa (Attributes)
Livistona tahanensis (Attributes)
Livistona victoriae (Attributes)

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