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Colaptes (flickers)

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Colaptes is the genus of woodpeckers which contains the flickers. The scientific name means "the pecker", Latinized from the Greek verb kolápto (κολάπτω), "to peck". One well-known member of this genus is the northern flicker (Colaptes auratus), a subspecies of which is known in parts of the southern U.S. as the "Yellowhammer". It is the state bird of Alabama, and the state's nickname is the "Yellowhammer State".
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Colaptes atricollis (black-necked woodpecker) (Attributes)
Colaptes auratus (Northern Flicker) (Attributes)
Colaptes campestris (Campo Flicker) (Attributes)
Colaptes chrysoides (Gilded Flicker) (Attributes)
Colaptes fernandinae (Fernandina's Flicker) (Attributes)
Colaptes melanochloros (green-barred woodpecker) (Attributes)
Colaptes pitius (Chilean Flicker) (Attributes)
Colaptes punctigula (Spot-breasted Woodpecker) (Attributes)
Colaptes rupicola (Andean Flicker) (Attributes)

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