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Anthracothorax (mangos)

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The mangos, Anthracothorax, are a genus of hummingbirds in the subfamily Trochilinae. It contains the following species: \n* Green-throated mango, Anthracothorax viridigula \n* Green-breasted mango, Anthracothorax prevostii \n* Black-throated mango, Anthracothorax nigricollis \n* Veraguan mango, Anthracothorax veraguensis \n* Antillean mango, Anthracothorax dominicus \n* Green mango, Anthracothorax viridis \n* Jamaican mango, Anthracothorax mango
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Anthracothorax dominicus (Antillean Mango) (Attributes)
Anthracothorax mango (Jamaican Mango) (Attributes)
Anthracothorax nigricollis (Black-throated Mango) (Attributes)
Anthracothorax prevostii (Green-breasted Mango) (Attributes)
Anthracothorax recurvirostris (fiery-tailed awlbill) (Attributes)
Anthracothorax veraguensis (Veraguan Mango) (Attributes)
Anthracothorax viridigula (Green-throated Mango) (Attributes)
Anthracothorax viridis (Green Mango) (Attributes)

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