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Macropygia (cuckoo-doves)

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Macropygia is a genus of bird in the pigeon and dove family Columbidae. The genus is one of three genera known as cuckoo-doves. They are long tailed, range between 27–45 cm in length and have brown plumage. The genus ranges from India and China through Indonesia and the Philippines to Vanuatu and Australia. It contains the following living species: Extinct species: \n* †Huahine cuckoo-dove (Macropygia arevarevauupa), from Huahine in the Society Islands of French Polynesia \n* †Marquesan cuckoo-dove (Macropygia heana) from the Marquesas Islands
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Macropygia amboinensis (Brown Cuckoo-Dove) (Attributes)
Macropygia emiliana (ruddy cuckoo-dove) (Attributes)
Macropygia mackinlayi (Spot-breasted Cuckoo-Dove) (Attributes)
Macropygia magna (Bar-necked Cuckoo-Dove) (Attributes)
Macropygia nigrirostris (Black-billed Cuckoo-Dove) (Attributes)
Macropygia ruficeps (Little Cuckoo-Dove) (Attributes)
Macropygia rufipennis (Andaman Cuckoo-Dove) (Attributes)
Macropygia tenuirostris (Philippine cuckoo-dove) (Attributes)
Macropygia unchall (Barred Cuckoo-Dove) (Attributes)

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