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Typhlopidae (blind snakes)

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The Typhlopidae are a family of blind snakes. They are found mostly in the tropical regions of Africa, Asia, the Americas, and all mainland Australia and various islands. The rostral scale overhangs the mouth to form a shovel-like burrowing structure. They live underground in burrows, and since they have no use for vision, their eyes are mostly vestigial. They have light-detecting black eye spots, and teeth occur in the upper jaw. The tail ends with a horn-like scale. Most of these species are oviparous. Currently, ten genera are recognized containing over 200 species.
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Acutotyphlops (5)
Afrotyphlops (26)   (1)
Amerotyphlops (15)   (2)
Anilios (47)   (1)
Argyrophis (12)
Cyclotyphlops (1)
Grypotyphlops (1)
Indotyphlops (23)   (2)   (1)
Lemuriatyphlops (3)
Letheobia (28)   (1)
Madatyphlops (13)
Malayotyphlops (9)
Ramphotyphlops (common blind snakes) (21)   (2)
Rhinotyphlops (beaked snakes) (7)
Typhlops (common worm snakes) (49)   (12)
Xerotyphlops (4)

(...) = Species count
(...) = Endangered count
(...) = Invasive count

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