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Medicago (alfalfa)

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Medicago is a genus of flowering plants, commonly known as medick or burclover, in the legume family. It contains at least 87 species and is distributed mainly around the Mediterranean basin. The best-known member of the genus is alfalfa (M. sativa), an important forage crop, and the genus name is based on the Latin name for that plant, medica, from Greek: μηδική (πόα) median (grass). Most members of the genus are low, creeping herbs, resembling clover, but with burs (hence the common name). However, alfalfa grows to a height of 1 meter, and tree medick (M. arborea) is a shrub. Members of the genus are known to produce bioactive compounds such as medicarpin (a flavonoid) and medicagenic acid (a triterpenoid saponin). Chromosome numbers in Medicago range from 2n = 14 to 48.
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Medicago agropyretorum
Medicago alatavica
Medicago arabica (spotted medick) (Attributes)
Medicago arborea (moon trefoil) (Critically Endangered) (Attributes)
Medicago archiducis-nicolai
Medicago astroites
Medicago blancheana
Medicago brachycarpa
Medicago cancellata
Medicago carstiensis (Karst-Schneckenklee)
Medicago caucasica
Medicago constricta
Medicago coronata (Crown Medick) (Attributes)
Medicago crassipes
Medicago cretacea
Medicago cyrenaea
Medicago daghestanica
Medicago difalcata
Medicago disciformis (Attributes)
Medicago doliata (Straight-spined Medick)
Medicago edgeworthii
Medicago falcata (Blue Alfalfa) (Attributes)
Medicago fischeriana
Medicago glomerata
Medicago granadensis
Medicago grossheimii
Medicago gunibica
Medicago heldreichii (Heldreich's alfalfa) (Attributes)
Medicago hemicoerulea
Medicago heyniana
Medicago hybrida (hybrid alfalfa) (Attributes)
Medicago hypogaea
Medicago intertexta (Calvary Medic)
Medicago karatschaica
Medicago komarovii
Medicago laciniata (cutleaf medick) (Attributes)
Medicago lanigera
Medicago laxispira
Medicago littoralis (water medick) (Attributes)
Medicago lupulina (nonesuch) (Attributes)
Medicago lupulina pratense <Unverified Name>
Medicago marina (Coastal Medick)
Medicago maritima <Unverified Name>
Medicago medicaginoides
Medicago meyeri
Medicago minima (little burclover) (Attributes)
Medicago monantha (medick)
Medicago monspeliaca (hairy medick) (Attributes)
Medicago murex (Spiny Medick)
Medicago muricoleptis
Medicago noeana
Medicago orbicularis (Button burclover) (Attributes)
Medicago orthoceras
Medicago ovalis
Medicago papillosa
Medicago persica
Medicago phrygia
Medicago pironae
Medicago platycarpa
Medicago polyceratia
Medicago polychroa
Medicago polymorpha (bur clover) (Attributes)
Medicago praecox (Mediterranean medick) (Attributes)
Medicago prostrata (Attributes)
Medicago radiata (Ray-podded Medick)
Medicago retrorsa
Medicago rhodopea
Medicago rigida
Medicago rigidula (Tifton burclover) (Attributes)
Medicago rotata
Medicago rugosa (wrinkled medick) (Attributes)
Medicago rupestris
Medicago ruthenica (alfalfa) (Attributes)
Medicago sativa (yellow alfalfa) (Attributes)
Medicago sauvagei
Medicago saxatilis (Endangered)
Medicago schischkinii
Medicago scutellata (snail medick) (Attributes)
Medicago secundiflora (island medick)
Medicago shepardii
Medicago sinskiae
Medicago soleirolii
Medicago strasseri
Medicago suffruticosa (Attributes)
Medicago talyschensis
Medicago tenoreana (Italian Medick)
Medicago tornata
Medicago transoxana
Medicago truncatula (Mediterranean Medick)
Medicago tunetana
Medicago turbinata (southern medick) (Attributes)
Medicago vardanis
Medicago virescens
Medicago vulgare <Unverified Name>

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