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Cytisus (broom)

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Cytisus is a genus of about 50 species of flowering plants in the family Fabaceae, native to open sites (typically scrub and heathland) in Europe, western Asia and North Africa. It belongs to the subfamily Faboideae, and is one of several genera in the tribe Genisteae which are commonly called brooms. They are shrubs producing masses of brightly coloured, pea-like flowers, often highly fragrant. Members of the segregate genera, Calicotome and Lembotropis are sometimes included in Cytisus.
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Cytisus acutangulus
Cytisus aeolicus (Endangered)
Cytisus agnipilus
Cytisus albidus
Cytisus albus
Cytisus arboreus (Attributes)
Cytisus ardoinii
Cytisus austriacus (Zyanovetz Aoustryiski)
Cytisus baeticus
Cytisus balansae
Cytisus beanii
Cytisus benehoavensis
Cytisus blockianus
Cytisus borysthenicus
Cytisus cantabricus
Cytisus cassius
Cytisus commutatus
Cytisus creticus
Cytisus decumbens
Cytisus drepanolobus
Cytisus elongatus
Cytisus emeriflorus
Cytisus eriocarpus
Cytisus filipes
Cytisus fontanesii (Bolina)
Cytisus grandiflorus (Attributes)
Cytisus graniticus
Cytisus heterochrous
Cytisus hirsutus (Clustered Broom) (Attributes)
Cytisus ingramii
Cytisus jankae
Cytisus kovacevii
Cytisus kreczetoviczii
Cytisus lasiosemius
Cytisus leiocarpus
Cytisus malacitanus
Cytisus maurus
Cytisus megalanthus
Cytisus moleroi
Cytisus multiflorus (white spanishbroom) (Attributes)
Cytisus nejceffii
Cytisus nubigensus <Unverified Name>
Cytisus orientalis
Cytisus paczoskii
Cytisus podolicus
Cytisus praecox (praecox broom)
Cytisus procumbens
Cytisus prolifer <Unverified Name>
Cytisus proliferus (Escabon) (Attributes)
Cytisus pseudoprocumbens
Cytisus pulvinatus
Cytisus purpureus
Cytisus ratisbonensis (Zwillings-Zwergginster) (Attributes)
Cytisus reverchonii
Cytisus ruthenicus (Zyanovetz Ruski)
Cytisus sauzeanus
Cytisus scoparius (Broomtops) (Attributes)
Cytisus spinescens
Cytisus striatus (Portugese broom) (Attributes)
Cytisus supranubius (Attributes)
Cytisus tommasinii
Cytisus tribracteolatus
Cytisus tridentaus <Unverified Name>
Cytisus triflorus
Cytisus villosus (hairybroom) (Attributes)
Cytisus wulfii

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