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Pisum (pea)

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Pisum is a genus of the family Fabaceae, native to southwest Asia and northeast Africa. It contains one to five species, depending on taxonomic interpretation; the International Legume Database (ILDIS) accepts three species, one with two subspecies: \n* Pisum abyssinicum (syn. P. sativum subsp. abyssinicum) \n* Pisum fulvum \n* Pisum sativum - pea \n* Pisum sativum subsp. elatius (syn. P. elatius, P. syriacum) \n* Pisum sativum subsp. sativum Pisum sativum (the field or garden pea), is a major human food crop (see Pea and Split pea).
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Pisum abyssinicum
Pisum fulvum (tawny pea) (Attributes)
Pisum sativum (Common Pea) (Attributes)

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