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Caragana (peashrub)

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Caragana is a genus of about 80–100 species of flowering plants in the family Fabaceae, native to Asia and eastern Europe. They are shrubs or small trees growing 1–6 m (3.3–19.7 ft) tall. They have even-pinnate leaves with small leaflets, and solitary or clustered mostly yellow (rarely white or pink) flowers and bearing seeds in a linear pod. Caragana species are used as food plants by the larvae of some Lepidoptera species including dark dagger.
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Caragana acanthophylla
Caragana afghanica
Caragana alaica
Caragana alaschanica
Caragana alexeenkoi
Caragana alpina
Caragana ambigua
Caragana arborescens (Siberian peashrub) (Attributes)
Caragana arcuata
Caragana aurantiaca (dwarf peashrub) (Attributes)
Caragana balchaschensis
Caragana beefensis
Caragana bicolor
Caragana boisii (Siberian pea-tree) (Attributes)
Caragana bongardiana
Caragana brachypoda
Caragana brevifolia
Caragana brevispina (Attributes)
Caragana bungei
Caragana buriatica
Caragana camilli-schneideri
Caragana campanulata
Caragana changduensis
Caragana chinghaiensis
Caragana cinerea
Caragana conferta
Caragana crassipina
Caragana cuneato-alata
Caragana dasyphylla
Caragana davazamcii
Caragana decorticans (Attributes)
Caragana densa
Caragana erinacea
Caragana franchetiana
Caragana frutex (Russian peashrub) (Attributes)
Caragana fruticosa (Attributes)
Caragana gerardiana (Attributes)
Caragana gobica
Caragana grandiflora
Caragana jubata (Camel's Tail) (Attributes)
Caragana junatovii
Caragana kansuensis
Caragana kirghisorum
Caragana kirshinskii <Unverified Name>
Caragana korshinskii (peashrub) (Attributes)
Caragana kozlowii
Caragana laeta
Caragana leucophloea
Caragana leucospina
Caragana leveillei (Attributes)
Caragana limprichtii
Caragana liouana
Caragana litwinowii
Caragana maimanensis
Caragana manshurica
Caragana microphylla (littleleaf peashrub) (Attributes)
Caragana opulens
Caragana pekinensis (Attributes)
Caragana pleiophylla
Caragana polourensis
Caragana polyacantha
Caragana prestoniae
Caragana pruinosa
Caragana przewalskii
Caragana pumila
Caragana purdomii
Caragana pygmaea (Attributes)
Caragana qingheensis
Caragana roborovskyi (Attributes)
Caragana rosea (Attributes)
Caragana scythica
Caragana shensiensis
Caragana sinica (Chinese Pea Shrub) (Attributes)
Caragana soongorica
Caragana sophorifolia
Caragana spinifera
Caragana spinosa
Caragana stenophylla (Attributes)
Caragana stipitata
Caragana sukiensis
Caragana tangutica
Caragana tekesiensis
Caragana tibetica (Attributes)
Caragana tragacanthoides
Caragana turfanensis
Caragana turkestanica
Caragana ulicina
Caragana ussuriensis
Caragana versicolor
Caragana zahlbruckneri
Caragana zandifora <Unverified Name>

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