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Oxytropis (locoweed)

Wikipedia Abstract

Oxytropis is a genus of plants in the legume family. It is one of three genera of plants known as locoweeds, and are notorious for being toxic to grazing animals. The other locoweed genus is the closely related Astragalus. There are about 300 species, native to Eurasia and North America. Several species are native to the Arctic. These are hairy perennial plants which produce raceme inflorescences of pink, purple, white, or yellow flowers which are generally pea-like but have distinctive sharply beaked keels. The plant produces legume pods containing the seeds. Selected species:
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Oxytropis acanthacea (Attributes)
Oxytropis aciphylla (Attributes)
Oxytropis adamsiana (Attributes)
Oxytropis adenophylla (Attributes)
Oxytropis admiranda (Attributes)
Oxytropis adscendens (Attributes)
Oxytropis aellenii (Attributes)
Oxytropis afghanica (Attributes)
Oxytropis ajanensis (Attributes)
Oxytropis alajica (Attributes)
Oxytropis alavae (Attributes)
Oxytropis albana (Attributes)
Oxytropis alberti-regelii (Attributes)
Oxytropis albiflora (Attributes)
Oxytropis albovillosa (Attributes)
Oxytropis alii (Attributes)
Oxytropis almaatensis (Attributes)
Oxytropis alpestris (Attributes)
Oxytropis alpicola (Attributes)
Oxytropis alpina (Attributes)
Oxytropis altaica (Attributes)
Oxytropis ambigua (Attributes)
Oxytropis amethystea (Attributes)
Oxytropis ammophila (Attributes)
Oxytropis ampullata (Attributes)
Oxytropis anaulgensis (Attributes)
Oxytropis andersii (Attributes)
Oxytropis anertii (Attributes)
Oxytropis approximata (Attributes)
Oxytropis arassanica (Attributes)
Oxytropis arbaeviae (Attributes)
Oxytropis arctica (arctic locoweed) (Attributes)
Oxytropis arenae-ripariae (Attributes)
Oxytropis argentata (Attributes)
Oxytropis armeniaca (Attributes)
Oxytropis arystangalievii (Attributes)
Oxytropis aspera (Attributes)
Oxytropis assadliensis (Attributes)
Oxytropis assiensis (Attributes)
Oxytropis asterocarpa (Attributes)
Oxytropis astragaloides (Attributes)
Oxytropis atbaschi (Attributes)
Oxytropis aucheri (Attributes)
Oxytropis aulieatensis (Attributes)
Oxytropis auriculata (Attributes)
Oxytropis austrosachalinensis (Attributes)
Oxytropis avis (Attributes)
Oxytropis avisoides (Attributes)
Oxytropis babatagi (Attributes)
Oxytropis baburi (Attributes)
Oxytropis baicalia (Attributes)
Oxytropis baissunensis (Attributes)
Oxytropis bajtulinii (Attributes)
Oxytropis baldshuanica (Attributes)
Oxytropis bargusinensis (Attributes)
Oxytropis barkolensis
Oxytropis baxoiensis (Attributes)
Oxytropis bella (Attributes)
Oxytropis bellii (Attributes)
Oxytropis beringensis (Attributes)
Oxytropis besseyi (red crazyweed) (Attributes)
Oxytropis bicolor (Attributes)
Oxytropis bicornis (Attributes)
Oxytropis biflora (Attributes)
Oxytropis biloba (Attributes)
Oxytropis binaludensis (Attributes)
Oxytropis birirensis (Attributes)
Oxytropis bobrovii (Attributes)
Oxytropis bogdoschanica (Attributes)
Oxytropis boguschi (Attributes)
Oxytropis borealis
Oxytropis borissoviae (Attributes)
Oxytropis bosculensis (Attributes)
Oxytropis brachycarpa (Attributes)
Oxytropis bracteata (Attributes)
Oxytropis bracteolata (Attributes)
Oxytropis brevicaulis (Attributes)
Oxytropis brevipedunculata (Attributes)
Oxytropis bungei (Attributes)
Oxytropis cabulica (Attributes)
Oxytropis cachemiriana (Attributes)
Oxytropis caespitosa (Attributes)
Oxytropis caespitosula (Attributes)
Oxytropis calcareorum (Attributes)
Oxytropis callophylla (Attributes)
Oxytropis calva (Attributes)
Oxytropis campanulata (Attributes)
Oxytropis campestris (northern yellow locoweed) (Attributes)
Oxytropis cana (Attributes)
Oxytropis candicans (Attributes)
Oxytropis canopatula (Attributes)
Oxytropis capusii (Attributes)
Oxytropis caputoi (Attributes)
Oxytropis caraganetorum (Attributes)
Oxytropis carduchorum (Attributes)
Oxytropis carinthiaca (Attributes)
Oxytropis carpathica (Attributes)
Oxytropis carpatica (Attributes)
Oxytropis chakassiensis (Attributes)
Oxytropis chantengriensis (Attributes)
Oxytropis charkeviczii (Attributes)
Oxytropis chesneyoides (Attributes)
Oxytropis chiliophylla (Attributes)
Oxytropis chinglingensis (Attributes)
Oxytropis chionobia (Attributes)
Oxytropis chionophylla (Attributes)
Oxytropis chitralensis (Attributes)
Oxytropis chorgossica (Attributes)
Oxytropis chrysocarpa (Attributes)
Oxytropis ciliata (Attributes)
Oxytropis cinerascens (Attributes)
Oxytropis cinerea (Attributes)
Oxytropis coelestis (Attributes)
Oxytropis coerulea (Attributes)
Oxytropis collettii (Attributes)
Oxytropis columbina (Attributes)
Oxytropis confusa (Attributes)
Oxytropis crassiuscula (Attributes)
Oxytropis cretacea (Attributes)
Oxytropis cuspidata (Attributes)
Oxytropis czapan-daghi (Attributes)
Oxytropis czapandaghi (Attributes)
Oxytropis czekanowskii (Attributes)
Oxytropis czerskii (Attributes)
Oxytropis czukotica (Attributes)
Oxytropis danorum (Attributes)
Oxytropis darpirensis (Attributes)
Oxytropis dashtinavarensis (Attributes)
Oxytropis dasypoda (Attributes)
Oxytropis deflexa (hangpod crazyweed) (Attributes)
Oxytropis densa (Attributes)
Oxytropis densiflora (Attributes)
Oxytropis diantha (Attributes)
Oxytropis dichroantha (Attributes)
Oxytropis didymophysa (Attributes)
Oxytropis dinarica (Attributes)
Oxytropis diversifolia (Attributes)
Oxytropis dorogostajskyi (Attributes)
Oxytropis dubia (Attributes)
Oxytropis duthieana (Attributes)
Oxytropis echidna (Attributes)
Oxytropis erecta (Attributes)
Oxytropis eriocarpa (Attributes)
Oxytropis ervicarpa (Attributes)
Oxytropis evenorum (Attributes)
Oxytropis exserta (Attributes)
Oxytropis falcata (Attributes)
Oxytropis farsi (Attributes)
Oxytropis fasciculiflorum (Attributes)
Oxytropis fedtschenkoana (Attributes)
Oxytropis ferganensis (Attributes)
Oxytropis fetida (Drusiger Spitzkiel) (Attributes)
Oxytropis fetisowi (Attributes)
Oxytropis fetisowii (Attributes)
Oxytropis floribunda (Attributes)
Oxytropis fohlenensis (Attributes)
Oxytropis fominii (Attributes)
Oxytropis foucaudii (Attributes)
Oxytropis fragilifolia (Attributes)
Oxytropis fragiliphylla
Oxytropis frigida (Attributes)
Oxytropis fruticulosa (Attributes)
Oxytropis fuscescens (Attributes)
Oxytropis ganningensis (Attributes)
Oxytropis gebleri (Attributes)
Oxytropis gebleriana (Attributes)
Oxytropis gerzeensis (Attributes)
Oxytropis gilgitensis (Attributes)
Oxytropis giraldii (Attributes)
Oxytropis glabra (Attributes)
Oxytropis glacialis (Attributes)
Oxytropis glandulosa (Attributes)
Oxytropis glareosa (Attributes)
Oxytropis globiflora (Attributes)
Oxytropis gloriosa (Attributes)
Oxytropis gmelinii (Attributes)
Oxytropis golengolensis (Attributes)
Oxytropis gorbunovii (Attributes)
Oxytropis gracillima (Attributes)
Oxytropis graminetorum (Attributes)
Oxytropis grandiflora (Attributes)
Oxytropis griffithii (Attributes)
Oxytropis gubanovii (Attributes)
Oxytropis gueldenstaedtioides (Attributes)
Oxytropis guinanensis
Oxytropis guntensis (Attributes)
Oxytropis gymnogyne (Attributes)
Oxytropis hailarensis (Attributes)
Oxytropis halleri (Hallers Spitzkiel) (Attributes)
Oxytropis hedgei (Attributes)
Oxytropis helenae (Attributes)
Oxytropis helvetica (Gaudins Spitzkiel) (Attributes)
Oxytropis heratensis (Attributes)
Oxytropis heterophylla (Attributes)
Oxytropis heteropoda (Attributes)
Oxytropis heterotricha (Attributes)
Oxytropis hidakamontana (Attributes)
Oxytropis hindukushensis (Attributes)
Oxytropis hippolyti (Attributes)
Oxytropis hirsuta (Attributes)
Oxytropis hirsutiuscula (Attributes)
Oxytropis hirta (Attributes)
Oxytropis holanshanensis (Attributes)
Oxytropis humifusa (Attributes)
Oxytropis humilis (Attributes)
Oxytropis hypoglottoides (Attributes)
Oxytropis hypsophila (Attributes)
Oxytropis hystrix (Attributes)
Oxytropis imbricata (Attributes)
Oxytropis immersa (Attributes)
Oxytropis inaria (Attributes)
Oxytropis incana (Attributes)
Oxytropis includens (Attributes)
Oxytropis indensis (Attributes)
Oxytropis inopinata (Attributes)
Oxytropis inschanica (Attributes)
Oxytropis integripetala (Attributes)
Oxytropis intermedia (Attributes)
Oxytropis interposita (Attributes)
Oxytropis iranica (Attributes)
Oxytropis iskanderica (Attributes)
Oxytropis itoana (Attributes)
Oxytropis jabalambrensis (Attributes)
Oxytropis jacquinii (Jacquins Spitzkiel) (Attributes)
Oxytropis japonica (Attributes)
Oxytropis jonesii (Attributes)
Oxytropis jordalii (Attributes)
Oxytropis jucunda (Attributes)
Oxytropis jurtzevii (Attributes)
Oxytropis kamelinii (Attributes)
Oxytropis kamtschatica (Attributes)
Oxytropis kansuensis (Attributes)
Oxytropis karataviensis (Attributes)
Oxytropis karavaevii (Attributes)
Oxytropis karjaginii (Attributes)
Oxytropis kaspensis (Attributes)
Oxytropis katangensis (Attributes)
Oxytropis kateninii (Attributes)
Oxytropis kazidanica (Attributes)
Oxytropis kermanica (Attributes)
Oxytropis ketmenica (Attributes)
Oxytropis khinjahi (Attributes)
Oxytropis klementzii (Attributes)
Oxytropis kodarensis (Attributes)
Oxytropis kokrinensis (Kokrines locoweed) (Attributes)
Oxytropis komarovii (Attributes)
Oxytropis kopetdagensis (Attributes)
Oxytropis kopetdaghensis (Attributes)
Oxytropis kossinskyi (Attributes)
Oxytropis kotschyana (Attributes)
Oxytropis krylovi (Attributes)
Oxytropis krylovii (Attributes)
Oxytropis kubanensis (Attributes)
Oxytropis kuchanensis (Attributes)
Oxytropis kuhistanica (Attributes)
Oxytropis kukkonenii (Attributes)
Oxytropis kunarensis (Attributes)
Oxytropis kunashiriensis (Attributes)
Oxytropis kuramensis (Attributes)
Oxytropis kusnetzovii (Attributes)
Oxytropis kyziltalensis (Attributes)
Oxytropis ladygini (Attributes)
Oxytropis ladyginii (Attributes)
Oxytropis lagopus (haresfoot locoweed) (Attributes)
Oxytropis lambertii (Purple Locoweed) (Attributes)
Oxytropis lanata (Attributes)
Oxytropis lanceatifoliola
Oxytropis langshanica
Oxytropis lanuginosa (Attributes)
Oxytropis lapponica (Lapplander Spitzkiel) (Attributes)
Oxytropis lasiocarpa (Attributes)
Oxytropis lasiopoda (Attributes)
Oxytropis latialata (Attributes)
Oxytropis latibracteata (Attributes)
Oxytropis lavrenkoi (Attributes)
Oxytropis laxiracemosa (Attributes)
Oxytropis lazica (Attributes)
Oxytropis lehmanni (Attributes)
Oxytropis leptophylla (Attributes)
Oxytropis leptophysa (Attributes)
Oxytropis leucantha (Attributes)
Oxytropis leucocyanea (Attributes)
Oxytropis leucotricha (Attributes)
Oxytropis lhasaensis
Oxytropis liliputa (Attributes)
Oxytropis linczevskii (Attributes)
Oxytropis linearibracteata (Attributes)
Oxytropis lipskyi (Attributes)
Oxytropis lithophila (Attributes)
Oxytropis litwinowii (Attributes)
Oxytropis longialata (Attributes)
Oxytropis longibracteata (Attributes)
Oxytropis longipedunculata (Attributes)
Oxytropis longirostra (Attributes)
Oxytropis lupinoides (Attributes)
Oxytropis luteo-caerulea (Attributes)
Oxytropis luteo-coerulea (Attributes)
Oxytropis lydiae (Attributes)
Oxytropis macrobotrys (Attributes)
Oxytropis macrocarpa (Attributes)
Oxytropis macrodonta (Attributes)
Oxytropis macrosema (Attributes)
Oxytropis maduoensis
Oxytropis maidantalensis (Attributes)
Oxytropis malacophylla (Attributes)
Oxytropis malloryana
Oxytropis maqinensis
Oxytropis marco-poloi (Attributes)
Oxytropis margacea (Attributes)
Oxytropis martjanovi (Attributes)
Oxytropis martjanovii (Attributes)
Oxytropis masanderanensis (Attributes)
Oxytropis masarensis (Attributes)
Oxytropis maydelliana (Maydell's oxytrope) (Attributes)
Oxytropis megalantha (Attributes)
Oxytropis megalorrhyncha (Attributes)
Oxytropis meinshauseni (Attributes)
Oxytropis meinshausenii (Attributes)
Oxytropis melaleuca (Attributes)
Oxytropis melanocalyx (Attributes)
Oxytropis melanotricha (Attributes)
Oxytropis merkensis (Attributes)
Oxytropis mertensiana (Mertens' oxytrope) (Attributes)
Oxytropis michelsonii (Attributes)
Oxytropis micrantha (Attributes)
Oxytropis microcarpa (Attributes)
Oxytropis microphylla (Attributes)
Oxytropis microsphaera (Attributes)
Oxytropis middendorffii (Attributes)
Oxytropis minjanensis (Attributes)
Oxytropis mixotriche (Attributes)
Oxytropis moellendorffii (Attributes)
Oxytropis mollis (Attributes)
Oxytropis mongolica (Attributes)
Oxytropis monophylla (Attributes)
Oxytropis morenarum (Attributes)
Oxytropis multiceps (Nuttall's oxytrope) (Attributes)
Oxytropis multiramosa (Attributes)
Oxytropis mumynabadensis (Attributes)
Oxytropis muricata (Zoolon Orgost Ortuus) (Attributes)
Oxytropis myriophylla (Attributes)
Oxytropis nana (Wyoming locoweed) (Attributes)
Oxytropis neglecta (Pyrenaen- Spitzkiel) (Attributes)
Oxytropis neimongolica (Attributes)
Oxytropis neo-rechingeriana (Attributes)
Oxytropis nepalensis (Attributes)
Oxytropis niedzweckiana (Attributes)
Oxytropis nigrescens (blackish oxytrope) (Attributes)
Oxytropis nikolai (Attributes)
Oxytropis ningxiaensis (Attributes)
Oxytropis nitens (Attributes)
Oxytropis nivea (Attributes)
Oxytropis nuda (Attributes)
Oxytropis nuristanica (Attributes)
Oxytropis nutans (Attributes)
Oxytropis obnapiformis (Attributes)
Oxytropis ochotensis (Attributes)
Oxytropis ochrantha (Attributes)
Oxytropis ochrocephala (Attributes)
Oxytropis ochroleuca (Attributes)
Oxytropis ochrolongibracteata
Oxytropis oligantha (Attributes)
Oxytropis oreophila (roundleaf crazyweed) (Attributes)
Oxytropis ornata (Attributes)
Oxytropis oroboides (Attributes)
Oxytropis ovczinnikovii (Attributes)
Oxytropis owerinii (Attributes)
Oxytropis oxyphylla (Attributes)
Oxytropis oxyphylloides (Attributes)
Oxytropis pagobia (Attributes)
Oxytropis pakistanica (Attributes)
Oxytropis pallasii (Attributes)
Oxytropis pamiroalaica (Attributes)
Oxytropis panjshinica (Attributes)
Oxytropis parasericeopetala (Attributes)
Oxytropis parryi (Parry's crazyweed) (Attributes)
Oxytropis parvanensis (Attributes)
Oxytropis pauciflora (Attributes)
Oxytropis pavlovii (Attributes)
Oxytropis pellita (Attributes)
Oxytropis penduliflora (Attributes)
Oxytropis peschkovae (Attributes)
Oxytropis physocarpa (Attributes)
Oxytropis piceetorum (Attributes)
Oxytropis pilosa (woolly milkvetch) (Attributes)
Oxytropis pilosissima (Attributes)
Oxytropis platonychia (Attributes)
Oxytropis platysema (Attributes)
Oxytropis podlechii (Attributes)
Oxytropis podocarpa (stalkpod locoweed) (Attributes)
Oxytropis podoloba (Attributes)
Oxytropis politovii (Attributes)
Oxytropis polyphylla (Attributes)
Oxytropis poncinsii (Attributes)
Oxytropis popoviana (Attributes)
Oxytropis potaninii (Attributes)
Oxytropis prenja (Attributes)
Oxytropis prostrata (Attributes)
Oxytropis protopopovii (Attributes)
Oxytropis proxima (Attributes)
Oxytropis przewalskii (Attributes)
Oxytropis pseudocoerulea
Oxytropis pseudofrigida (Attributes)
Oxytropis pseudoglandulosa (Attributes)
Oxytropis pseudohirsuta
Oxytropis pseudohirsutiuscula (Attributes)
Oxytropis pseudoleptophysa (Attributes)
Oxytropis pseudomyriophylla
Oxytropis pseudorosea (Attributes)
Oxytropis puberula (Attributes)
Oxytropis pulvinoides (Attributes)
Oxytropis pumila (Attributes)
Oxytropis pumilio (Attributes)
Oxytropis purpurea (Attributes)
Oxytropis pusilla (Attributes)
Oxytropis pusilloides (Attributes)
Oxytropis putoranica (Attributes)
Oxytropis qamdoensis
Oxytropis qilianshanica (Attributes)
Oxytropis qinghaiensis
Oxytropis qingnanensis
Oxytropis qitaiensis
Oxytropis racemosa (Attributes)
Oxytropis ramosissima (Attributes)
Oxytropis rechingeri (Attributes)
Oxytropis recognita (Attributes)
Oxytropis reniformis (Attributes)
Oxytropis retusa (Attributes)
Oxytropis reverdattoi (Attributes)
Oxytropis revoluta (Attributes)
Oxytropis rhizantha (Attributes)
Oxytropis rhodontha (Attributes)
Oxytropis rhynchophysa (Attributes)
Oxytropis riparia (Oxus locoweed) (Attributes)
Oxytropis rosea (Attributes)
Oxytropis roseiformis (Attributes)
Oxytropis rostrata (Attributes)
Oxytropis rubriargillosa (Attributes)
Oxytropis rubricaudex (Attributes)
Oxytropis rudbariensis (Attributes)
Oxytropis ruebsaamenii (Attributes)
Oxytropis rupifraga (Attributes)
Oxytropis ruthenica (Attributes)
Oxytropis sacciformis (Attributes)
Oxytropis sachalinensis (Attributes)
Oxytropis sajanensis (Attributes)
Oxytropis salangensis (Attributes)
Oxytropis salicetorum (Attributes)
Oxytropis saperlebulensis (Attributes)
Oxytropis saposhnikovi (Attributes)
Oxytropis saposhnikovii (Attributes)
Oxytropis sarkandensis (Attributes)
Oxytropis sata-kandaonensis (Attributes)
Oxytropis satpaevii (Attributes)
Oxytropis saurica (Attributes)
Oxytropis savellanica (Attributes)
Oxytropis scabrida (Attributes)
Oxytropis scammaniana (Scamman's oxytrope) (Attributes)
Oxytropis schachimardanica (Attributes)
Oxytropis scheludjakovae (Attributes)
Oxytropis schmorgunoviae (Attributes)
Oxytropis schrenkii (Attributes)
Oxytropis selengensis (Attributes)
Oxytropis semenowii (Attributes)
Oxytropis semiglobosa (Attributes)
Oxytropis seravschanica (Attributes)
Oxytropis sericea (locoweed) (Attributes)
Oxytropis sericopetala (Attributes)
Oxytropis setosa (Attributes)
Oxytropis sewerzowii (Attributes)
Oxytropis shanxiensis
Oxytropis shirkuhi (Attributes)
Oxytropis shivai (Attributes)
Oxytropis shokanbetsuensis (Attributes)
Oxytropis siah-sangi (Attributes)
Oxytropis sichuanica (Attributes)
Oxytropis sinkiangensis (Attributes)
Oxytropis siomensis (Attributes)
Oxytropis sitaipaiensis (Attributes)
Oxytropis siziwangensis
Oxytropis sojakii (Attributes)
Oxytropis songorica (Attributes)
Oxytropis soongaricus (Attributes)
Oxytropis sordida
Oxytropis spicata (Attributes)
Oxytropis spinifer (Attributes)
Oxytropis splendens (showy crazyweed) (Attributes)
Oxytropis squammulosa (Attributes)
Oxytropis squamulosa (Attributes)
Oxytropis staintoniana (Attributes)
Oxytropis stenofoliola (Attributes)
Oxytropis stenophylla (Attributes)
Oxytropis stracheana (Attributes)
Oxytropis stracheyana (Attributes)
Oxytropis straussii (Attributes)
Oxytropis strobilacea (Attributes)
Oxytropis stukovii (Attributes)
Oxytropis suavis (Attributes)
Oxytropis subcapitata (Attributes)
Oxytropis subfalcata (Attributes)
Oxytropis submutica (Attributes)
Oxytropis subnutans (Attributes)
Oxytropis subpodoloba (Attributes)
Oxytropis subverticillaris (Attributes)
Oxytropis sulphurea (Attributes)
Oxytropis sumneviczii (Attributes)
Oxytropis suprajenissejensis (Attributes)
Oxytropis surculosa (Attributes)
Oxytropis surmandehi (Attributes)
Oxytropis susamyrensis (Attributes)
Oxytropis susumanica (Attributes)
Oxytropis sutaica (Attributes)
Oxytropis sverdrupii (Attributes)
Oxytropis sylvatica (Attributes)
Oxytropis szovitsii (Attributes)
Oxytropis tachtensis (Attributes)
Oxytropis takhti-soleimanii (Attributes)
Oxytropis talassica (Attributes)
Oxytropis talgarica (Attributes)
Oxytropis taochensis (Attributes)
Oxytropis tashkurensis
Oxytropis tatarica (Attributes)
Oxytropis tenuirostris (Attributes)
Oxytropis tenuis (Attributes)
Oxytropis tenuissima (Attributes)
Oxytropis terekensis (Attributes)
Oxytropis teres (Attributes)
Oxytropis thaumasio-morpha (Attributes)
Oxytropis thomsonii (Attributes)
Oxytropis tianschanica (Attributes)
Oxytropis tichomirovii (Attributes)
Oxytropis tilingii (Attributes)
Oxytropis todomoshiriensis (Attributes)
Oxytropis tomentosa (Attributes)
Oxytropis tompudae (Attributes)
Oxytropis torrentium (Attributes)
Oxytropis tragacanthoides (Attributes)
Oxytropis trajectorum (Attributes)
Oxytropis transalaica (Attributes)
Oxytropis trichocalycina (Attributes)
Oxytropis trichophora (Attributes)
Oxytropis trichophysa (Attributes)
Oxytropis trichosphaera (Attributes)
Oxytropis triflora (Attributes)
Oxytropis triphylla (Attributes)
Oxytropis tschatkalensis (Attributes)
Oxytropis tschimganica (Attributes)
Oxytropis tschujae (Attributes)
Oxytropis tudanensis
Oxytropis tukemansuensis
Oxytropis tunnellii (Attributes)
Oxytropis turczaninovii (Attributes)
Oxytropis tyttantha (Attributes)
Oxytropis ugamensis (Attributes)
Oxytropis ugamica (Attributes)
Oxytropis ulzijchutagii (Attributes)
Oxytropis uniflora (Attributes)
Oxytropis uralensis (Attributes)
Oxytropis urumovii (Attributes)
Oxytropis uschakovii (Attributes)
Oxytropis vadimii (Attributes)
Oxytropis vakhdzhiri (Attributes)
Oxytropis valerii
Oxytropis varlakovii (Attributes)
Oxytropis vassilczenkoi (Attributes)
Oxytropis vassilievii (Attributes)
Oxytropis vasskovskyi (Attributes)
Oxytropis vavilovii (Attributes)
Oxytropis vermicularis (Attributes)
Oxytropis viae-amicitiae (Attributes)
Oxytropis viridiflava (Attributes)
Oxytropis viscida (Attributes)
Oxytropis volkii (Attributes)
Oxytropis vositensis (Attributes)
Oxytropis vvedenskyi (Attributes)
Oxytropis wendelboi (Attributes)
Oxytropis williamsii (Attributes)
Oxytropis wrangelii (Attributes)
Oxytropis wutaiensis (Attributes)
Oxytropis xinglongshanica (Attributes)
Oxytropis yanchiensis
Oxytropis yazdi (Attributes)
Oxytropis yekenensis
Oxytropis yunnanensis (Attributes)
Oxytropis zangolehensis (Attributes)
Oxytropis zaprjagaevae (Attributes)
Oxytropis zekogensis

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