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Dalea (prairie clover)

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Dalea is a genus of flowering plants in the legume family, Fabaceae. Members of the genus are commonly known as prairie clover or indigo bush. Its name honors English apothecary Samuel Dale (1659–1739). They are native to the New World, where they are distributed from Canada to Argentina. Nearly half of the known species are endemic to Mexico. Two species of Dalea (Dalea ornata and Dalea searlsiae) have been considered for rangeland restoration.
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Dalea abietifolia
Dalea adenopoda (Tampa prairie clover) (Attributes)
Dalea aenigma
Dalea albiflora (white flower dalea) (Attributes)
Dalea ananassa
Dalea aurea (golden prairie clover) (Attributes)
Dalea ayavacensis
Dalea azurea
Dalea bacchantum
Dalea bartonii (Warnock's prairie clover) (Attributes)
Dalea bicolor (silver prairie clover) (Attributes)
Dalea boliviana
Dalea boraginea
Dalea botterii
Dalea brachystachya (Fort Bowie prairie clover) (Attributes)
Dalea brandegei
Dalea caeciliae
Dalea candida (slender white prairieclover) (Attributes)
Dalea capitata
Dalea carnea (whitetassels) (Attributes)
Dalea carthagenensis (Cartagena prairie clover) (Attributes)
Dalea choanosema
Dalea chrysophylla (Endangered)
Dalea cinnamomea
Dalea cliffortiana
Dalea coerulea
Dalea compacta (compact prairie clover) (Attributes)
Dalea confusa
Dalea cora
Dalea crassifolia
Dalea cuatrecasasii
Dalea cuniculo-caudata
Dalea cyanea
Dalea cylindrica
Dalea cylindriceps (Andean prairieclover) (Attributes)
Dalea daucosma
Dalea dipsacea
Dalea dispar
Dalea dorycnoides
Dalea elata
Dalea elegans
Dalea emarginata (wedgeleaf prairie clover) (Attributes)
Dalea enneandra (9-anther dalea) (Attributes)
Dalea eriophylla
Dalea erythrorhiza
Dalea escobilla
Dalea exigua (Chihuahuan prairie clover) (Attributes)
Dalea exilis
Dalea exserta (Mexican prairie-clover) (Attributes)
Dalea feayi (Feay's prairie clover) (Attributes)
Dalea fieldii
Dalea filiciformis
Dalea filiformis (Sonoran prairie clover) (Attributes)
Dalea flavescens (Canyonlands prairie clover) (Attributes)
Dalea foliolosa
Dalea foliosa (leafy prairie clover) (Attributes)
Dalea formosa (featherplume) (Attributes)
Dalea frutescens (black dalea) (Attributes)
Dalea galbina
Dalea gattingeri (purpletassels) (Attributes)
Dalea glumacea
Dalea grayi (Gray's prairieclover) (Attributes)
Dalea greggii (Gregg's prairie clover) (Attributes)
Dalea gypsophila
Dalea hallii (Hall's prairieclover) (Attributes)
Dalea hegewischiana
Dalea hemsleyana
Dalea hintonii
Dalea hospes
Dalea humifusa
Dalea humilis
Dalea illustris
Dalea insignis
Dalea isidorii
Dalea jamesii (james dalea) (Attributes)
Dalea jamesonii
Dalea kuntzei
Dalea lachnostachys (glandleaf prairieclover) (Attributes)
Dalea lamprostachya
Dalea lanata (Woolly dalea)
Dalea laniceps (woollyhead prairie clover) (Attributes)
Dalea lasiathera (purple prairie clover) (Attributes)
Dalea leporina (fox-tail prairie-clover) (Attributes)
Dalea leptostachya
Dalea leucosericea
Dalea leucostachya
Dalea luisana
Dalea lumholtzii (Lumholtz dalea) (Attributes)
Dalea lutea
Dalea macrotropis
Dalea mcvaughii
Dalea melantha
Dalea mexiae
Dalea minutifolia
Dalea mixteca
Dalea mollis (hairy prairie clover) (Attributes)
Dalea mollissima (hairy dalea) (Attributes)
Dalea moquehuana
Dalea mucronata
Dalea multiflora (Roundhead prairieclover) (Attributes)
Dalea myriadenia
Dalea nana (dwarf prairieclover) (Attributes)
Dalea nelsonii
Dalea nemaphyllidia
Dalea neomexicana (downy prairie clover) (Attributes)
Dalea nobilis
Dalea obovata (pussyfoot) (Attributes)
Dalea obovatifolia
Dalea obreniformis
Dalea onobrychis
Dalea ornata (Blue Mountain prairie clover) (Attributes)
Dalea parrasana
Dalea pazensis
Dalea pectinata
Dalea pennellii
Dalea phleoides (slimspike prairie clover) (Attributes)
Dalea pinetorum
Dalea pinnata (summer farewell) (Attributes)
Dalea piptostegia
Dalea plantaginoides
Dalea pogonathera (bearded dalea) (Attributes)
Dalea polygonoides (six-weeks prairie-clover) (Attributes)
Dalea polystachya
Dalea pringlei (Pringle's prairie clover) (Attributes)
Dalea prostrata
Dalea pulchella
Dalea pulchra (Santa Catalina prairie-clover) (Attributes)
Dalea purpurea (Purple prairieclover) (Attributes)
Dalea purpusii
Dalea quercetorum
Dalea radicans
Dalea reclinata
Dalea reverchonii (Comanche Peak prairie clover) (Attributes)
Dalea revoluta
Dalea rubrolutea
Dalea rzedowskii
Dalea sabinalis (sabinal prairie clover) (Critically Endangered) (Attributes)
Dalea saffordii
Dalea scandens (low prairie clover) (Attributes)
Dalea scariosa (Albuquerque prairie clover) (Attributes)
Dalea searlsiae (Searle's prairieclover) (Attributes)
Dalea sericea
Dalea sericocalyx
Dalea similis
Dalea simulatrix
Dalea smithii
Dalea sousae
Dalea strobilacea
Dalea tapacariensis
Dalea tentaculoides (Gentry's indigobush) (Attributes)
Dalea tenuicaulis
Dalea tenuifolia (Flimleaf prairieclover) (Attributes)
Dalea tenuis (pinkglobe prairie clover) (Attributes)
Dalea thouinii
Dalea tolteca
Dalea tomentosa
Dalea transiens
Dalea tridactylites
Dalea trifoliata
Dalea trochilina
Dalea urceolata (pineforest prairieclover) (Attributes)
Dalea verna
Dalea versicolor (oakwoods prairieclover) (Attributes)
Dalea villosa (hairy prairieclover) (Attributes)
Dalea virgata
Dalea viridiflora
Dalea weberbaueri
Dalea wigginsii
Dalea wrightii (wright dalea) (Attributes)
Dalea zimapanica

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