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Galactia (milkpea)

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Galactia is a genus of flowering plants in the legume family (Fabaceae). It belongs to the subfamily Faboideae. They do not have an unambiguous common name, being commonly called "milk peas", "beach peas" or "wild peas".
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Galactia acapulcensis
Galactia albiflora
Galactia anomala
Galactia argentea
Galactia argentifolia
Galactia augustii
Galactia benthamiana
Galactia boavista
Galactia brachyodon
Galactia brachypoda
Galactia brachystachys
Galactia brevipes
Galactia bullata
Galactia canescens (hoary milkpea) (Attributes)
Galactia combsii (Soplillo)
Galactia crassifolia
Galactia cuneata
Galactia decumbens
Galactia densiflora
Galactia dictyophylla
Galactia dimorpha
Galactia discolor
Galactia douradensis
Galactia dubia (West Indian milkpea)
Galactia earlei
Galactia eggersii (Eggers' milkpea) (Attributes)
Galactia elliottii (Elliott's milkpea) (Attributes)
Galactia erecta (erect milkpea) (Attributes)
Galactia eriosematoides
Galactia fasciculata
Galactia fiebrigiana
Galactia filiformis
Galactia floridana (Florida milkpea) (Attributes)
Galactia galactioides
Galactia glabella
Galactia glaucescens
Galactia glaucophylla
Galactia gracillima (Attributes)
Galactia grayi
Galactia grewiifolia
Galactia heringeri
Galactia herradurensis
Galactia hoehnei
Galactia incana
Galactia irwinii
Galactia isopoda
Galactia jenningsii
Galactia jussiaeana (Attributes)
Galactia killipiana
Galactia lamprophylla
Galactia laotica
Galactia latifolia
Galactia latisiliqua
Galactia laxiflora
Galactia lindenii
Galactia lockhartii
Galactia longiflora
Galactia longifolia (longleaf milkpea)
Galactia longipes
Galactia maisiana
Galactia marginalis (edible milkpea) (Attributes)
Galactia martii
Galactia martioides
Galactia megalophylla (Attributes)
Galactia microphylla (littleleaf milkpea)
Galactia minor
Galactia minutifolia
Galactia mollis (soft milkpea)
Galactia monophylla
Galactia muelleri
Galactia multiflora
Galactia nana
Galactia neesii
Galactia nummularia
Galactia parvifolia (small-leaf milkpea) (Attributes)
Galactia peduncularis
Galactia pendula
Galactia pinetorum (pineland milkpea) (Attributes)
Galactia pretiosa
Galactia prostrata
Galactia regularis (eastern milkpea) (Attributes)
Galactia remansoana
Galactia revoluta
Galactia rotundata
Galactia rubra
Galactia rudolphioides
Galactia sangsterae
Galactia savannarum
Galactia shumbae
Galactia smallii (Small's milkpea) (Attributes)
Galactia sparsiflora
Galactia spiciformis
Galactia stereophylla
Galactia striata (Florida hammock milkpea) (Attributes)
Galactia suberecta
Galactia tashiroi
Galactia tenuiflora (Attributes)
Galactia texana (Texas milkpea) (Attributes)
Galactia uniflora
Galactia vietnamensis
Galactia viridiflora
Galactia weddelliana
Galactia wrightii (Wright milkpea) (Attributes)

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