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Cynometra (cynometra)

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Cynometra is genus of tropical forest trees with a pantropical distribution. It is particularly important as a forest component in west Africa and the neotropics. Cynometra alexandri (muhimbi) is a familiar timber tree of central and east Africa. The genus is a member of the sub-family Caesalpinioideae.
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Cynometra abrahamii
Cynometra alexandri (Uganda Ironwood) (Attributes)
Cynometra americana
Cynometra ananta (Ananta) (Attributes)
Cynometra ankaranensis
Cynometra aurita
Cynometra bauhiniifolia (Attributes)
Cynometra beddomei
Cynometra bourdillonii (Endangered)
Cynometra brachymischa
Cynometra brachyrrhachis
Cynometra capuronii (Endangered)
Cynometra cauliflora (Nam Nam) (Attributes)
Cynometra commersoniana
Cynometra congensis
Cynometra copelandii
Cynometra craibii
Cynometra crassifolia
Cynometra cubensis (Endangered)
Cynometra cuneata
Cynometra dauphinensis
Cynometra dongnaiensis
Cynometra duckei
Cynometra elmeri
Cynometra engleri
Cynometra falcata
Cynometra filifera (Critically Endangered)
Cynometra fissicuspis
Cynometra gillmanii (Critically Endangered)
Cynometra glomerulata
Cynometra greenwayi
Cynometra hankei (Attributes)
Cynometra hemitomophylla
Cynometra hondurensis
Cynometra hostmanniana (Attributes)
Cynometra inaequifolia (Attributes)
Cynometra insularis (Cibicibi) (Attributes)
Cynometra iripa (Opulu) (Attributes)
Cynometra katikii
Cynometra leonensis
Cynometra letestui
Cynometra longicuspis
Cynometra longifolia
Cynometra longipedicellata
Cynometra lujae
Cynometra lukei (Endangered)
Cynometra lyallii
Cynometra madagascariensis (Attributes)
Cynometra malaccensis (Attributes)
Cynometra mannii
Cynometra marginata
Cynometra martiana
Cynometra megalophylla
Cynometra michelsonii
Cynometra microflora
Cynometra minutiflora
Cynometra mirabilis
Cynometra novo-guineensis (Attributes)
Cynometra nyangensis
Cynometra oaxacana (Attributes)
Cynometra oddonii
Cynometra palustris
Cynometra parvifolia (Attributes)
Cynometra pedicellata
Cynometra pervilleana
Cynometra portoricensis (oreganillo falso) (Attributes)
Cynometra ramiflora (cynometra) (Attributes)
Cynometra retusa (Attributes)
Cynometra sakalava
Cynometra sanagaensis
Cynometra schlechteri
Cynometra schottiana
Cynometra sessiliflora
Cynometra simplicifolia
Cynometra sphaerocarpa
Cynometra spruceana (Attributes)
Cynometra stenopetala
Cynometra suaheliensis
Cynometra travancorica (Endangered)
Cynometra trinitensis
Cynometra ulugurensis (Endangered)
Cynometra vogelii
Cynometra warburgii
Cynometra webberi (Attributes)
Cynometra zeylanica

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