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Mucuna (mucuna)

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Mucuna is a genus of around 100 accepted species of climbing vines and shrubs of the family Fabaceae, found worldwide in the woodlands of tropical areas. The leaves are tripalmate, alternate, or spiraled, and the flowers are pea-like but larger, with distinctive curved petals, and occurring in racemes. Like other legumes, Mucuna plants bear pods. They are generally bat-pollinated and produce seeds that are buoyant sea-beans. These have a characteristic three-layered appearance, appearing like the eyes of a large mammal in some species and like a hamburger in others (most notably M. sloanei) and giving rise to common names like deer-eye beans, donkey-eye beans, ox-eye beans, or hamburger seed.
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Mucuna acuminata
Mucuna amblyodon
Mucuna argyrophylla (Attributes)
Mucuna atropurpurea
Mucuna aurea
Mucuna bennettii
Mucuna biplicata
Mucuna birdwoodiana
Mucuna bracteata
Mucuna calophylla
Mucuna canaliculata
Mucuna championii
Mucuna coriacea (Attributes)
Mucuna curranii
Mucuna cyclocarpa
Mucuna diabolica
Mucuna diplax
Mucuna discolor
Mucuna elliptica
Mucuna fawcettii
Mucuna ferox
Mucuna flagellipes (Attributes)
Mucuna gigantea (seabean) (Attributes)
Mucuna glabrialata (Attributes)
Mucuna gracilipes
Mucuna hainanensis
Mucuna hirtipetala
Mucuna holtonii
Mucuna hooglandii
Mucuna huberi
Mucuna humblotii
Mucuna imbricata
Mucuna incurvata
Mucuna interrupta
Mucuna killipiana
Mucuna lamellata
Mucuna lamii
Mucuna lane-poolei
Mucuna longipedunculata
Mucuna macmillanii
Mucuna macrobotrys
Mucuna macrocarpa
Mucuna macroceratides
Mucuna macrophylla
Mucuna macropoda
Mucuna manongarivensis (Endangered)
Mucuna mapirensis
Mucuna melanocarpa
Mucuna membranacea
Mucuna mindorensis
Mucuna mitis
Mucuna mollis
Mucuna mollissima
Mucuna monosperma (Negro Bean)
Mucuna mutisiana (Ojo De Venado)
Mucuna nigricans
Mucuna novo-guineensis (New Guinea Creeper)
Mucuna oligoplax
Mucuna pachycarpa
Mucuna pacifica
Mucuna pallida (Cadoque Blanche)
Mucuna paniculata
Mucuna platyphylla (D'Albertis Creeper)
Mucuna platyplekta
Mucuna pluricostata
Mucuna poggei
Mucuna pruriens (Itchy Bean) (Attributes)
Mucuna psittacina
Mucuna reptans
Mucuna reticulata
Mucuna revoluta
Mucuna rostrata (mucuna)
Mucuna samarensis
Mucuna schlechteri
Mucuna sempervirens
Mucuna sloanei (Horse-eye Bean) (Attributes)
Mucuna stanleyi
Mucuna stans (Attributes)
Mucuna stenoplax
Mucuna terrens
Mucuna thailandica
Mucuna tomentosa
Mucuna urens (oxeye bean) (Attributes)
Mucuna warburgii

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