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Gleditsia (locust)

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Gleditsia /ɡlᵻˈdɪtsiə/ (locust) is a genus of trees in the family Fabaceae, subfamily Caesalpinioideae, native to North America and Asia. The Latin name commemorates Johann Gottlieb Gleditsch, director of the Berlin Botanical Garden, who died in 1786. There are 12 species: Hybrids \n* Gleditsia × texana Sarg. - Texas honey locust (G. aquatica × G. triacanthos)
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Gleditsia amorphoides (Caranchi) (Attributes)
Gleditsia aquatica (water honeylocust) (Attributes)
Gleditsia assamica
Gleditsia australis
Gleditsia caspia (Caspian Honey-locust) (Attributes)
Gleditsia delavayi
Gleditsia fera (Endangered)
Gleditsia ferox
Gleditsia japonica (Attributes)
Gleditsia macracantha (Attributes)
Gleditsia microphylla
Gleditsia pachycarpa
Gleditsia sinensis (Honey Locust) (Attributes)
Gleditsia texana (Texan locust)
Gleditsia triacanthos (honeylocusts) (Attributes)

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