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Asparagus (asparagus)

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Asparagus, or garden asparagus, scientific name Asparagus officinalis, is a spring vegetable, a flowering perennial plant species in the genus Asparagus. It was once classified in the lily family, like the related Allium species, onions and garlic, but the Liliaceae have been split and the onion-like plants are now in the family Amaryllidaceae and asparagus in the Asparagaceae. Asparagus officinalis is native to most of Europe, northern Africa and western Asia,and is widely cultivated as a vegetable crop.
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Asparagus acicularis
Asparagus acocksii
Asparagus acutifolius (Wild Asparagus) (Attributes)
Asparagus adscendens (Attributes)
Asparagus aethiopicus (Sprenger's Asparagus) (Attributes)
Asparagus africanus (African asparagus) (Attributes)
Asparagus aggregatus
Asparagus albus (Attributes)
Asparagus alopecurus
Asparagus altiscandens
Asparagus altissimus
Asparagus angulofractus
Asparagus angusticladus (Attributes)
Asparagus aphyllus (Attributes)
Asparagus arborescens
Asparagus aridicola
Asparagus asiaticus
Asparagus asparagoides (African asparagus fern) (Attributes)
Asparagus aspergillus
Asparagus baumii
Asparagus bayeri
Asparagus benguellensis
Asparagus bequaertii
Asparagus biflorus
Asparagus botschantzevii
Asparagus botswanicus
Asparagus brachiatus
Asparagus brachyphyllus (Attributes)
Asparagus breslerianus
Asparagus buchananii
Asparagus bucharicus
Asparagus burchellii
Asparagus burjaticus
Asparagus calcicola
Asparagus capensis (Attributes)
Asparagus capitatus
Asparagus chimanimanensis
Asparagus clareae
Asparagus cochinchinensis (Chinese Asparagus) (Attributes)
Asparagus coddii
Asparagus concinnus
Asparagus confertus
Asparagus coodei
Asparagus crassicladus (Attributes)
Asparagus curillus
Asparagus dauricus (Attributes)
Asparagus declinatus (Attributes)
Asparagus deflexus
Asparagus densiflorus (Sprenger's asparagus fern) (Attributes)
Asparagus denudatus
Asparagus devenishii
Asparagus divaricatus
Asparagus drepanophyllus
Asparagus duchesnei
Asparagus dumosus
Asparagus edulis
Asparagus elephantinus
Asparagus equisetoides
Asparagus exsertus
Asparagus exuvialis
Asparagus falcatus (Attributes)
Asparagus fallax (Endangered)
Asparagus fasciculatus
Asparagus faulkneri
Asparagus ferganensis
Asparagus filicinus (Fern Asparagus) (Attributes)
Asparagus filicladus
Asparagus filifolius
Asparagus flagellaris (Attributes)
Asparagus flavicaulis (Attributes)
Asparagus foeniculatus <Unverified Name>
Asparagus fouriei
Asparagus fractiflexus
Asparagus fysonii
Asparagus gharoensis
Asparagus glaucus
Asparagus gobicus
Asparagus gonoclados
Asparagus graniticus
Asparagus greveanus (Attributes)
Asparagus griffithii
Asparagus gypsaceus
Asparagus hajrae
Asparagus hirsutus
Asparagus homblei
Asparagus horreus <Unverified Name>
Asparagus horridus (Attributes)
Asparagus humilis
Asparagus inderiensis
Asparagus intricatus
Asparagus juniperoides
Asparagus kaessneri
Asparagus kansuensis
Asparagus karthikeyanii
Asparagus katangensis
Asparagus khorasanensis
Asparagus kiusianus (Endangered)
Asparagus kraussianus
Asparagus krebsianus
Asparagus laevissimus
Asparagus laricinus
Asparagus lecardii
Asparagus ledebourii
Asparagus leptocladodius
Asparagus lignosus
Asparagus longicladus
Asparagus longiflorus (Attributes)
Asparagus longipes
Asparagus lycaonicus
Asparagus lycicus
Asparagus lycopodineus
Asparagus lynetteae
Asparagus macowanii
Asparagus macrorrhizus (Critically Endangered)
Asparagus madecassus
Asparagus mahafalensis
Asparagus mairei
Asparagus mariae
Asparagus maritimus (Attributes)
Asparagus meioclados
Asparagus merkeri
Asparagus microraphis
Asparagus migeodii
Asparagus minutiflorus
Asparagus mollis
Asparagus monophyllus
Asparagus mozambicus
Asparagus mucronatus
Asparagus multituberosus
Asparagus munitus
Asparagus myriacanthus
Asparagus natalensis
Asparagus neglectus
Asparagus nelsii
Asparagus nesiotes (Endangered)
Asparagus nodulosus
Asparagus officinalis (garden asparagus) (Attributes)
Asparagus oligoclonos
Asparagus oliveri
Asparagus ovatus
Asparagus oxyacanthus
Asparagus pachyrrhizus
Asparagus palaestinus
Asparagus pallasii
Asparagus pastorianus
Asparagus pearsonii
Asparagus pendulus
Asparagus penicillatus
Asparagus persicus (Attributes)
Asparagus petersianus
Asparagus plocamoides
Asparagus plumosa <Unverified Name>
Asparagus poissonii
Asparagus prostratus (Attributes)
Asparagus przewalskyi
Asparagus pseudoscaber
Asparagus psilurus
Asparagus punjabensis
Asparagus pygmaeus
Asparagus racemosus (Shatavari) (Attributes)
Asparagus radiatus
Asparagus ramosissimus
Asparagus recurvispinus
Asparagus repens <Unverified Name>
Asparagus retrofractus (Attributes)
Asparagus richardsiae
Asparagus rigidus
Asparagus ritschardii
Asparagus rogersii
Asparagus rottleri
Asparagus rubicundus (Attributes)
Asparagus rubricaulis
Asparagus sapinii
Asparagus sarmentosus
Asparagus saundersiae
Asparagus scaberulus
Asparagus scandens
Asparagus schoberioides (Attributes)
Asparagus schroederi (Attributes)
Asparagus schumanianus (Attributes)
Asparagus scoparius
Asparagus sekukuniensis (Endangered)
Asparagus setaceus (common asparagus fern) (Attributes)
Asparagus sichuanicus
Asparagus simulans
Asparagus spinescens
Asparagus sporangia <Unverified Name>
Asparagus squarrosus
Asparagus stellatus
Asparagus stipulaceus
Asparagus striatus
Asparagus suaveolens
Asparagus subfalcatus
Asparagus subscandens
Asparagus subulatus
Asparagus sylvicola
Asparagus taliensis
Asparagus tamariscinus (Attributes)
Asparagus tenuifolius (Attributes)
Asparagus tibeticus
Asparagus touranensis
Asparagus transvaalensis
Asparagus trichoclados
Asparagus trichophyllus (Attributes)
Asparagus turkestanicus
Asparagus uhligii
Asparagus umbellatus
Asparagus umbellulatus (Attributes)
Asparagus undulatus
Asparagus usambarensis (Endangered)
Asparagus vaginellatus (Attributes)
Asparagus verticillatus (Attributes)
Asparagus virgatus (Attributes)
Asparagus volubilis
Asparagus vvedenskyi
Asparagus warneckei
Asparagus yanbianensis
Asparagus yanyuanensis

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