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Hyphaene (hyphaene)

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Hyphaene is a genus of palms native to Africa, Madagascar, the Middle East, and the Indian Subcontinent. The genus includes the Doum palm (H. thebaica). They are unusual among palms in having regular naturally branched trunks; most other palms are single-stemmed from the ground.
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Hyphaene compressa (Attributes)
Hyphaene coriacea (doum palm) (Attributes)
Hyphaene dichotoma (Attributes)
Hyphaene guineensis (Attributes)
Hyphaene macrosperma (Attributes)
Hyphaene petersiana (Attributes)
Hyphaene reptans (Attributes)
Hyphaene thebaica (doum palm) (Attributes)
Hyphaene thebiaca <Unverified Name>

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