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Coccothrinax (silver palm)

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Coccothrinax is a genus of palms in the Arecaceae family. There are more than 50 species described in the genus, plus many synonyms and sub-species. A new species (Coccothrinax torrida) has been described as recently as 2006. Many of the Coccothrinax have silver or thatch, or both, in their English common names. In Spanish – speaking countries, guano is a common name applied to Coccothrinax species. The species are native throughout the Caribbean, the Bahamas, extreme southern Florida and southeastern Mexico, but most of the species are known only from Cuba.
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Coccothrinax acunana (Sierra palm) (Attributes)
Coccothrinax alexandri (Attributes)
Coccothrinax alta (Puerto Rico silver palm) (Attributes)
Coccothrinax angelae
Coccothrinax argentata (Florida silver palm) (Attributes)
Coccothrinax argentea (Attributes)
Coccothrinax baracoensis (Attributes)
Coccothrinax barbadensis
Coccothrinax bermudezii (Attributes)
Coccothrinax borhidiana (Critically Endangered) (Attributes)
Coccothrinax boschiana (Attributes)
Coccothrinax camagueyana (Attributes)
Coccothrinax clarensis (Attributes)
Coccothrinax concolor (Attributes)
Coccothrinax crinita (Attributes)
Coccothrinax cupularis (Attributes)
Coccothrinax ekmanii (Attributes)
Coccothrinax elegans (Attributes)
Coccothrinax fagildei (Fagilde's palm) (Attributes)
Coccothrinax fragrans (Attributes)
Coccothrinax garciana (Attributes)
Coccothrinax gracilis (Attributes)
Coccothrinax guantanamensis (Attributes)
Coccothrinax gundlachii (Attributes)
Coccothrinax hioramii (Attributes)
Coccothrinax inaguensis (Inagua silver palm) (Attributes)
Coccothrinax jamaicensis (Jamaican silver thatch) (Attributes)
Coccothrinax jimenezii
Coccothrinax leonis (Attributes)
Coccothrinax litoralis (Cuban silver palm) (Attributes)
Coccothrinax macroglossa (Attributes)
Coccothrinax microphylla (Attributes)
Coccothrinax miraguama (Attributes)
Coccothrinax moaensis (Attributes)
Coccothrinax montana (Attributes)
Coccothrinax munizii (Attributes)
Coccothrinax muricata (Attributes)
Coccothrinax nipensis (Attributes)
Coccothrinax orientalis (Attributes)
Coccothrinax pauciramosa (Attributes)
Coccothrinax proctorii (Cayman thatch palm) (Endangered) (Attributes)
Coccothrinax pseudorigida (Attributes)
Coccothrinax pumila (Attributes)
Coccothrinax readii (Mexican silver palm) (Attributes)
Coccothrinax rigida (Attributes)
Coccothrinax salvatoris (Attributes)
Coccothrinax saxicola (Attributes)
Coccothrinax scoparia (Attributes)
Coccothrinax spissa (swollen silver thatch palm) (Attributes)
Coccothrinax torrida (Attributes)
Coccothrinax trinitensis (Attributes)
Coccothrinax victorinii
Coccothrinax yunquensis (Attributes)
Coccothrinax yuraguana (Attributes)

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